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AI-powered identity orchestration by ForgeRock supports better and secure digital experiences

ForgeRock, a global digital identity leader for simple and safe access to the connected world, is unveiling the availability of its next-generation identity orchestration tool, Intelligent Access Trees. This solution supplies no-code, AI-driven threat protection to enterprises delivering quality customer and employee experiences on a daily basis, according to the company. Unlike other identity systems, ForgeRock’s solution does not necessitate over-expenditure of enterprise resources—like critical time and finances—to provide secure digital interactions.

“Providing personalized and secure user experiences to cement customer loyalty is the new arms race between brands,” said Peter Barker, chief product officer at ForgeRock. “Since the inception of our identity orchestration capabilities, our aim has been to reduce the barriers that slow down enterprises from creating elegant digital experiences that are also safe. With today’s announcement, we’re now leveraging powerful industry-first capabilities, new features, hundreds of nodes and integrations, and AI to turbo charge our drag-and-drop capabilities so customers can innovate faster than ever.”

Intelligent Access Trees is a no-code approach to identity orchestration, built natively into its unified platform, connecting systems and processes for both a secure and seamless online experience. According to the company, the latest update marks ForgeRock as the only unified identity platform on the market capable of supplying unified orchestration throughout the entire identity lifecycle—ultimately improving user experience.

The update includes features such as a journey analytics dashboard for tracking user experiences and success/failure rates, and customizable journey themes to best serve individual enterprise identity experiences. It further supplies users with simplified importing, exporting, tagging, organizing, and searching journeys at scale. The Organizations feature enables organization-specific user journeys to support users integrated with numerous brands, sub-organizations, or departments.

ForgeRock’s highly emphasized AI-driven threat protection solution is integrated within the company’s orchestration capabilities, providing elite security with the familiar no-code, drag-and-drop abilities. Pre-built, out-of-the-box nodes can be applied to multiple use cases such as Multi-Factor Authentication and A/B testing, as well as over 150 third-party integrations via the ForgeRock Trust Network.

To learn more about these updates, please visit https://www.forgerock.com/.

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