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Nexthink acquires AppLearn, empowering IT digital dexterity

Nexthink, the digital employee experience management software company, is announcing its recent acquisition of AppLearn, a tailored learning and digital adoption guidance company for employees within applications. Driven by its mission to enable enterprises to get the most out of digital workplace transformation, Nexthink’s acquisition of AppLearn will contribute toward the former’s delivery of a holistic Digital Employee Experience (DEX) solution.

Nexthink empowers businesses, IT, and employees to take back their time and improve productivity by removing the roadblocks that inhibit a seamless DEX, according to the company.

“Today, digital transformation is an absolute necessity for business success. Yet, the quest to enhance services for employees often leads to disappointments for both the workforce and IT departments,” said Yassine Zaied, chief strategy officer at Nexthink. “Nexthink capabilities enable IT to avoid those incidents and impediments that can ruin digital transformation projects, while also driving down the total cost of IT per user.”

AppLearn’s experience in offering tailored learning and digital adoption guidance complements Nexthink’s advanced DEX capabilities, particularly as it relates to providing IT better support in learning and adopting new tools and processes. With this integration, IT is granted greater control over digital transformation projects, ultimately increasing overall individual and organizational digital dexterity, according to Zaied.

“I'm incredibly proud of everything we have achieved at AppLearn,” said Andrew Avanessian, CEO of AppLearn. “After identifying a market need for improved digital experiences, we've taken what was a family-run services business and transformed it into a pioneering digital adoption product leader that significantly improves the way people work with enterprise software. Combining two category leaders allows us to bring to market an end-to-end DEX solution designed to eliminate digital friction and drive ROI from software investments."

Moving forward, Nexthink will continue to leverage its combined powers to underpin IT, HR, and business leadership in achieving true digital dexterity—guided by principles of proactive optimization and enhancing the user experience.

To learn more about Nexthink, please visit http://www.nexthink.com/.

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