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Ivanti and Catchpoint join forces to detect and mitigate against remote connectivity issues

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Ivanti, the tech company that elevates and secures Everywhere Work, and Catchpoint, the Internet Resilience company, are announcing their strategic partnership in an effort to advance productivity in the workplace. By addressing remote connectivity issues before they impact the workforce, Ivanti and Catchpoint target network visibility to facilitate better, more efficient employee experiences.

The partnership will take shape through the integration of the companies’ technologies—Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience and Catchpoint Workforce Experience—to deeply understand, improve, and secure the employee experience. The Catchpoint Workforce Experience, which is built on Catchpoint’s Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform, will enable Ivanti’s Digital Experience Score to continuously monitor and detect insights on potential network issues. 

“This solution provides a holistic view of the health of your workforce’s connection. It tells you at a glance whether employees have the access they need or if they have a poor digital experience,” said Matt Izzo, executive vice president of product management at Catchpoint. “By joining Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience and Catchpoint Workforce Experience, it doesn’t matter where your workforce is; IT can proactively detect experience issues and automatically remediate them before employees are impacted.”

Measuring and scoring the employee experience—the focal point of this partnership—enables enterprises to make ongoing improvements that propel their workforces to work at their best. 

With 80% of network issues happening beyond the corporate firewall, according to a Catchpoint report, providing 360-degree views and real-time insights on devices, operating systems, applications, and now, networks, are key toward improving the employee experience, according to the companies. 

“By partnering with Catchpoint, we equip IT teams with visibility, contextual insights, and intelligent automation to proactively detect experience issues and automatically remediate before employees are impacted,” said Daren Goeson, senior vice president of product management at Ivanti. “This partnership reaffirms our commitment to elevate Everywhere Work with our DEX solutions. We are committed to building and fostering strong alliances and partnerships in our Everywhere Ecosystem to provide superior technology to organizations globally.”

To learn more about this partnership, please visit https://www.ivanti.com/ or https://www.catchpoint.com/.

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