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KMWorld serves the Content, Document, and Knowledge Management markets. We do this by providing actionable information and in-depth analysis to business leaders and strategic decision-makers to help them improve their business performance.

KMWorld believes that successful businesses today rely on the careful balance of technology, process, and people. Through our many channels, we provide the market knowledge, the process management skills, and the best practices at work in business today.

KMWorld believes superior information management is the most critical skill for the successful business. KMWorld is the key information provider for a broad array of industry leaders who use business content in all its forms to drive productivity, gain competitive advantage, and create new opportunities for revenue and innovation in their organizations.

For marketers, KMWorld offers branding, lead generation, and face-to-face opportunities to communicate with buyers of all types of enterprise applications. Please take a look below at our media kits in PDF format for details of all of our marketing and advertising opportunities.

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