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Utilizing the metaverse to virtualize knowledge sharing at KMWorld 2022

While the idea of a metaverse typically conjures images of high-tech goggles and Facebook CEO’s, Dr. Anthony J. Rhem, PhD, CEO and principal consultant of A. J. Rhem & Associates and author of Knowledge Management in Practice, took the stage at KMWorld 2022 to change common understandings of the metaverse in its application towards knowledge management. 

Rhem’s session, “Mastering Knowledge in the Metaverse,” discussed how the metaverse can alter the KM space through improved capturing, sharing, using, and maintaining of knowledge assets.

The metaverse, according to Rhem, represents a new technology that can bring immersive collaboration experiences to enhance the ways in which we share knowledge in an organization. Ideas of immersive training and education, detailed simulations, remote collaboration, and expansive data collection are all possible with the implementation of metaverse environments.

Rhem segments metaverse and KM use cases as mixed reality learning experiences, enhanced online learning, and immersive knowledge sharing.

A mixed reality learning experience combines the powers of in-person and simulation learning to deepen understanding for any individual in any field, whether it be aerospace engineers interacting with simulated spacecraft engines or medical students utilizing a 3D human heart chamber model.

This leads into a subsection of the metaverse, 3D simulation and gamification, which comprises enhanced online learning. By providing remote training or gamified scenarios for encouraging improving soft skills—including negotiation, decision making, and employee engagement—the metaverse can spread enterprise knowledge in virtual environments.

“Games like Minecraft or Call of Duty are immersive learning environments that spread knowledge,” said Rhem. “3D simulation and gamification is a key part towards leveraging the metaverse for knowledge sharing.”

Immersive knowledge sharing is interconnected to the previous use cases, serving as the catalyst for knowledge management in conjunction with metaverse technology. A rich environment, which is generated by the metaverse, increases knowledge sharing and empowers a sense of community, virtually.

KMWorld returned in-person to the J.W. Marriott in Washington D.C. on November 7-10, with pre-conference workshops held on November 7.

KMWorld 2022 is a part of a unique program of five co-located conferences, which also includes Enterprise Search & Discovery, Office 365 Symposium, Taxonomy Boot Camp, and Text Analytics Forum.

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