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Content comparison tool by DeltaXML facilitates change management without structural change

DeltaXML, the creators of tool sets for developers to manage change in XML documents, datasets, and JSON files, is releasing a new SaaS comparison tool to improve readout without structure alteration—Content Compare JATS/BITS/STS.

Among DeltaXML’s priorities is identifying differences within systems that handle XML documents and datasets, as well as manage change, and merge documents—without missing critical changes. Their varying XML change and merge tools are embeddable within nearly any product or system, via simple, well-documented APIs, according to the company.

“DeltaXML uses a patented approach to identify and represent all the relevant differences. It provides a structured output that can be readily interpreted by automated systems and adapted for presentation in documents and editing tools,” said Robin La Fontaine, CEO and founder of DeltaXML. “Our software is embedded into some of the best-known Content Management Systems (CMS) and is used by blue-chip organizations in areas including aircraft maintenance manuals, pharmaceutical data, safety information, and financial publications.”

This latest release by DeltaXML fosters structure-preserving document comparisons for JATS, BITS, and NISO-STS XML grammars. The product zeros in on changes to the content, rather than changes to the layout of the document during comparison—addressing a common roadblock in structural changes obscuring content change within the complex XML structure. Users can see text content changes, whether from themselves or a colleague, in the exact format of their current document; the product generates a single source of change that can be employed for purposes such as publishing and accepting or rejecting changes.

Content Compare JATS promotes accessible operability, accelerated review, and streamlined integration. The comparison tool employs a REST API, highlighting simplicity as its flagship benefit. It requires no prior programming knowledge to utilize it and allows integration with any workflow. Its exclusivity towards content changes further improves accessibility to the product, as extensive XML skills are not needed to understand the changes, according to the company.

“For over 22 years, we have been the leading expert in XML and now JSON comparison tools; even today, we’re making impressive strides to improve the overall performance of our products and to add new products that improve the management of change in every industry,” said La Fontaine. “We focus on situations where capturing change is essential, and research shows the user would gain the most benefit.”

DeltaXML will be releasing an additional upgrade at the Tekcom exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany that manages changes in the SVG format for diagrams and drawings.

For more information about DeltaXML’s comparison tools, please visit https://www.deltaxml.com/.

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