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Nutanix launches GPT-in-a-Box, an enterprise-ready genAI accelerator platform

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Nutanix, the hybrid multi-cloud computing company, is announcing the Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box, a full-stack software-defined AI-ready platform that accelerates AI and machine learning (ML) innovation in the enterprise. Engineered to enable enterprises to configure hardware and software suitable for large language model (LLM) deployment, GPT-in-a-Box allows users to run and fine-tune AI and GPT models at the edge or in their data center while maintaining complete control over their data, according to the company.

With the explosion in popularity and innovation for AI, many companies are struggling to keep up with its evolving needs to effectively modernize their infrastructures. While AI and ML applications have the capability to uniquely empower any organization, having the right infrastructure, data governance, compliance, and resources keeps many companies at a standstill.

Nutanix’s GPT-in-a-Box aims to rectify this widening gap between enterprise and AI, offering ready-to-use customer-controlled AI infrastructure for the edge or in the data center, further accompanied by a full complement of security and data protection services. In this way, Nutanix is “taking the mystery out of AI-ready infrastructure,” said Debojyoti Dutta, VP of engineering at Nutanix.

“Helping customers tackle the biggest challenges they face in IT is at the core of what we do, from managing increasing multi-cloud complexity, to data protection challenges, and now adoption of generative AI solutions while keeping control over data privacy and compliance,” said Thomas Cornely, SVP of product management at Nutanix. “Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box is an opinionated AI-ready stack that aims to solve the key challenges with generative AI adoption and help jump-start AI innovation.”

“Now customers can treat new AI workloads, including generative AI, as just another application running on Nutanix Cloud Platform,” explained Dutta. “This allows enterprise IT teams to implement an AI-ready stack without having to manage another set of AI specific infrastructure. Most importantly, customers will be able to jumpstart AI innovation, while preserving control over sensitive data.”

Along with its platform offering, GPT-in-a-Box comes included with the Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure platform, the Nutanix Files Storage and Objects Storage solutions, the Nutanix AHV hypervisor and Kubernetes, as well as NVIDIA GPU acceleration.

Additionally, GPT-in-a-Box offers Nutanix services designed to aid customers in sizing their clusters and deploying an opinionated stack with open source deep learning and MLOps frameworks, inference servers, and a curated set of LLMs, including Flacon, Llama2, and MPT.

The platform can also be utilized to run and fine-tune other GPT models with internal data hosted on Nutanix Files or Objects Storage services. Models are immediately consumable by data scientists and ML administrators with their chosen applications, terminal UI, or standard CLI.

These capabilities amalgamate to form a platform that delivers on performance, flexibility, and security for deploying AI workloads, according to the company.

“AI applications, and generative AI in particular, introduce new infrastructure considerations for IT, making it challenging for many enterprises to get started. This is what Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box addresses,” said Dutta. “It drastically simplifies building the right AI-stack for this use case, which is what most enterprises will be doing.”

To learn more about the Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box, please visit https://www.nutanix.com/.

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