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SeeMetrics’ Governance Boards highlight the connection between risk and business strategy

SeeMetrics, the pioneering Cybersecurity Performance Management (CPM) platform reshaping how security leaders measure, track, and improve security performance, is unveiling Governance Boards, a product feature that comes in anticipation of the NIST CSF 2.0 framework expansion, according to the company. Governance Boards—a set of cybersecurity performance boards—will empower CISOs and their teams to govern with greater efficacy.

SeeMetrics’ Governance Boards align with the company’s approach to CPM, which highlights comprehensive visibility over policies, processes, and KPIs paired with organizational context. 

With the boards’ out-of-the-box collections of ready-to-use metrics, security teams will be empowered with a contextual, transparent view of their environments that demonstrate the connection between risk and business strategy, according to SeeMetrics. 

"Introducing the Governance Boards underscores our strong commitment to proactive and strategic cybersecurity governance,” says Shirley Salzman, CEO and co-founder of SeeMetrics. “By building these dedicated boards, we are providing CISOs with a new kind of automated oversight that previously took too much time and resources to achieve. We are taking on the work of identifying what needs to be measured and the long, tedious process behind it. By automating it, we are freeing up the CISO’s time and resources while also giving them a new layer of knowledge.” 

Initially, the Governance Boards will contain three boards that promote efficient, robust governance, including:

  • CISO Lay of the Land Board, which collects data and metrics from various boards to paint an intuitive picture of overall system performance and surfaces what really matters

  • CISO Policy Enforcement Board, which oversees and enforces a set of policies that are the most relevant to the daily tasks of the CISO, offering key metrics from a variety of security areas 
  • NIST Functions Dedicated Board, which centralizes relevant information, processes, and metrics based on each NIST function

With each Governance Board, CISOs are able to tap into a seamless, holistic view of security processes that are otherwise manually intensive to monitor, impeding effective risk management. 

To learn more about SeeMetrics, please visit https://www.seemetrics.co/.

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