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CybeReady brings engaged, continuous cybersecurity communications in latest innovation

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CybeReady, a global leader in autonomous cybersecurity learning, is debuting its Internal Communications Center, a management dashboard that simplifies and improves how employees engage in their organizations’ cybersecurity environments.

To keep employees continuously educated and committed to their enterprises’ cybersecurity culture, the Internal Communications Center offers a set of automated tools for communicating security learning procedures. CybeReady’s solution helps IT and HR teams maintain a holistic, active commitment to cybersecurity across their enterprise by replacing other time-intensive learning approaches.

“We’re already witnessing how, thanks to the Internal Comms Center, employees are more engaged and invested in their training,” said Asaf Sagi, head of product at CybeReady. “The new Center is a testament to our commitment to making cybersecurity learning and readiness an integral part of an organization's culture. Through the Center, we not only alleviate the administrative burden on administrative teams but ensure that every employee, regardless of their role, becomes a proactive defender against cyber threats.”

The Internal Communication Center offers the following capabilities:

  • Personal Scorecards that assess the performance of each employee as it relates to their cybersecurity skills, ultimately to drive a sense of continuous improvement with trackable progress and actionable tips.
  • Departmental Reports designed to offer department managers detailed, customizable, monthly reports on their team’s cybersecurity training performance, including metrics related to phishing simulation click rates and quiz accuracy.
  • Welcome Messages to new employees via automated emails that introduce everyone to a company’s unique, branded cybersecurity learning program for seamless onboarding.

The Internal Communications Center aims to cultivate a consistent, proactive culture around cybersecurity. Automating these key cybersecurity communications ensures that the entire organization remains informed, engaged, and equipped to handle any challenges, according to CybeReady.

To learn more about the Internal Communications Center, please visit https://cybeready.com/.

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