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Algolia debuts Merchandise Studio, an AI hub for optimizing digital storefront success

Algolia, the end-to-end AI Search and Discovery platform, is launching a series of capabilities designed to optimize and enrich the process of managing enterprise merchandising and user experience in the digital world. Culminating in Algolia’s Merchandise Studio, this solution and its functionality aims to empower greater efficiencies for merchandisers, digital marketers, and ecommerce professionals.

Ultimately, Merchandise Studio acts as a data quality and visibility hub, enabling informed decision-making while opening doors to previously untapped opportunities. By incorporating the power of AI, Algolia seeks to enhance data, its associated insights, and the merchandising strategies executed by an enterprise.

“Algolia’s new Merchandising Studio enables an innovative blend of top-tier human expertise and cutting-edge AI capabilities that create delightful, interactive shopping experiences curated with precision,” said Bernadette Nixon, chief executive officer at Algolia. “Moreover, the AI-enhanced Merchandising Studio provides the ability to deliver fine-tuned recommendations and unparalleled personalization tailored to individual preferences, ensuring consumers keep coming back for more.”

Merchandise Studio is composed of a series of different capabilities that improve the merchandising arena for businesses. With Revenue Analytics, users can make better informed decisions based on key business metrics—such as average order value (AOV) and revenue per search/category—that uncover valuable information, helping merchandisers optimize revenue generation.

Algolia accommodates for seasonality with Merchandise Studio as well, offering an “Unlimited Events Retention” feature that enables users to examine seasonal trends with the historical context of an unlimited amount of years’ worth of events data.

Visibility is one of the foremost focuses of Merchandise Studio, offering its Comparison Mode which allows merchandisers to access instant comparisons of results for any query as they configure ranking and relevance settings, according to Algolia. This mode affords merchandisers the control and transparency they need to meet their goals for the user experience.

Data-Driven Personalized Recommendations—another of Merchandise Studio’s features—delivers individualized recommendations to consumers via “Recommended for You” and “Personalization Recommendation Carousels.” Not only does this enable merchandisers to more rapidly attain 1:1 personalized recommendations, it leverages Algoria’s data-driven approach combined with the power of AI to more effectively target and appeal to consumers.

Finally, the solution’s Image-Based Recommendation feature brings the “in-store experience” to the digital realm, offering capabilities ranging from “complete the outfit” to “looking similar.” This function serves as a way to use visual attributes as data to engage the consumer—a phenomenon likely taking place in an in-person shopping interaction. This allows the merchandiser to present their catalog of product more dynamically.

Algolia’s future plans for Merchandise Studio are expansive, including that of SKU enhancement, more precise curation of digital storefronts, and more.

To learn more about Merchandise Studio, please visit https://www.algolia.com/.

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