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Generative AI search tool built for accuracy emerges from stealth

Andi, the AI search assistant, is emerging from stealth and launching its solution into general availability. As an alternative search tool, Andi merges conversational AI with high-quality content filtering to deliver accurate, summarized answers to users’ questions. 

Inspired by traditional search engines’ lack of visual feeds and overwhelmingly oppressive advertising, Andi is transforming the way the public thinks about information search, according to the vendor. 

Though Andi is not the first generative AI search tool, it emphasizes its accuracy in results as a key difference from other solutions. The AI search tool ChatGPT exists in the same market, yet is widely known to yield erroneous results, according to the vendor. In contrast, Andi filters for quality content sources and gives the user an abridged answer, linking its source material. 

“There has been a scramble to use text generative AI in search applications, but what Andi is doing is fundamentally unique,” said Lorenzo Thione, managing director of Gaingels, an Andi investor. “Instead of trying to fix search, they scrapped the traditional model and built a generative AI search assistant from the ground up. Andi was doing all of this before the release of ChatGPT, and Andi's technology is at least a year ahead of everyone else’s.”

Andi’s technology leverages semantic search, large language models with prompt chaining, and live API data to assist its users. Answers are provided in seconds with Andi’s fast UX, dividing responses progressively so initial results are delivered while Andi continues deeper research. 

With Andi’s summarize button, users can receive clean, insightful overviews that brief the user on what a particular website details. Visiting the source of the information is always available to the user. 

“The future of search is a conversational AI assistant that provides quick, accurate, summarized results,” said Angela Hoover, co-founder of Andi. “Andi is delivering that now.”

Andi can also produce entire emails, reports, and code files; the solution’s responses are further paired with links, documents, and more details if the user requires. 

Available on mobile interfaces, Andi brings a new method of search to users wherever they are, according to the vendor. Andi is free to use and does not track or log any searches, cultivating a completely private search environment for its users. Plans for enterprise versions of the search solution are currently being developed. 

To learn more about Andi, please visit https://andisearch.com/

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