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$12M Series A funding for Explo accelerates product roadmap for modern enterprise data sharing

After extreme customer user growth in 2021, Explo is announcing its $12 million Series A funding led by Craft Venture and joined by Felicis Ventures and Amplo VC. Acting as a customer-facing analytics solution for expansive data sharing on any platform, Explo’s funding has accumulated to $15 million raised, with the money put toward expedited product roadmaps for developer teams to more efficiently access, visualize, and share data with their customers in a scalable fashion, according to the vendor.

"Explo is reinventing how businesses are able to harness and share data with customers,” said Gary Lin, co-founder of Explo. “Given our growth this past year, we have proven that customer-facing analytics can be a differentiator for any data-driven company.”

As a service, Explo seeks to reinvent the ways data sharing exists among brands and their customers through its developer-friendly platform. The platform rectifies issues related to the unprecedented surge in data and digital usage as a result of the pandemic, offering users a product roadmap and dashboard solution for seamless and secure data sharing with their customers. For companies struggling to keep up with post-pandemic trends of application modernization and digital data collection, Explo alleviates these pain points for increased profits and efficient development.

Unlike other dashboard solutions on the market, Explo can deploy production-ready data sharing functions within days; competing business intelligence (BI) vendors’ dashboard solutions often come accompanied with extensive and complicated code-writing as well as limited embedding options, according to the vendor. Explo is differentiated by its efficient engineering and deployment times, ultimately lowering costs for analytics solutions deployment. Their innovative technologies are backed by Y Combinator and executives from Notion, Foordash, dbt, Deel, Lyft, and others across multiple brands.

"With their innovative customer-facing analytics platform, Explo is modernizing data sharing and reducing inefficiencies that inhibit data access," said Gokul Rajaram, executive at DoorDash, board member at Coinbase and Pinterest, and Explo investor. "I'm thrilled to back Explo on this exciting chapter in the company's journey."

For more information, please visit https://www.explo.co/.


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