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Teleport Assist combines chat-based AI with cloud infrastructure management

Teleport, the provider of identity-native infrastructure access management, is debuting the newly available Teleport Assist, a Teleport feature that leverages an AI-powered chat interface specifically engineered to aid DevOps teams struggling to troubleshoot everyday infrastructure problems.

Modernizing an enterprise often manifests as a myriad of databases, clusters, tools, and solutions, all with varying needs, interfaces, and authentication processes. With complex cloud environments such as these, DevOps teams are bogged down with an overwhelming workload once issues begin to arise.

Bringing generative AI to the next level, Teleport Assist enables DevOps teams to chat directly with their cloud environments, translating natural language into commands that diagnose and correct any potential issues. Engineers can ask questions and give instructions in everyday English, controlling massive fleets of servers with unparalleled efficiency and intuitively, according to Teleport.

“Today’s DevOps teams have countless cloud resources to pay attention to, which can translate into mundane and repetitive work, and a higher likelihood of human error,” said Ev Kontsevoy, co-founder and CEO of Teleport. “We are using generative AI to help DevOps professionals do their job better and save time. Instead of writing bash and Ansible scripts, they can simply speak in English and Teleport Assist will translate it to the native language of the infrastructure components that are relevant to the query.”

Teleport Assist can recommend commands and scripts that work with an organization’s unique environments and requirements, targeting some of the most common problems that modern infrastructures face today.

Commands generated by Teleport Assist are only executed upon review and verification by a human entity, ultimately preventing errors or incorrect responses from running through an enterprise system.

To learn more about Teleport Assist, please visit https://goteleport.com/.

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