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Tabnine Chat unites generative AI-powered assistant technology with coding expertise for developers

Tabnine, the AI-powered software development company, is announcing the expansion of its platform with the addition of Tabnine Chat, an AI code assistant that combines large language models (LLMs) with codebase familiarity, capable of answering queries backed by an organization's codebase. By enhancing the developer experience and accelerating positive business outcomes, Tabnine Chat centralizes secure, managed generative AI that focuses on democratizing and contextualizing code.

As opposed to other generative AI assistants that are based on likely risky LLMs, models, data, and host environments, Tabnine Chat is a secured and managed solution that enables enterprises to train on permissive code only and run isolated, according to the company.

“As the tools developers use continue to rapidly evolve, organizations must ensure the solutions their teams rely on not only allow them to be more productive, but operate in a secure way,” said Eran Yahav, CTO of Tabnine. “Innovation at speed requires trust in the tools developers use, especially in enterprises. With Tabnine Chat we continue our commitment to delivering ethical and secure AI and enabling its use throughout the software development lifecycle.”

Tabnine Chat drives contextual understanding for developers writing code and building applications, affording them the ability to comprehend the intricacies of complex code. The solution can also be utilized to spread coding expertise, best practices, and lessons learned throughout an organization, ultimately democratizing code knowledge for developers and accelerating onboarding.

In terms of quality assurance and code consistency, Tabnine Chat can pinpoint potential code issues, performance bottlenecks, or areas for improvement throughout a code estate. This introduces a sense of proactivity to code quality for an enterprise, enabling users to prepare for potential breaks as opposed to constantly remediating them.

In addition, Tabnine Chat’s comprehensive understanding of an organization’s codebase, as well as its personalized recommendations, enables that entity to establish and enforce standardized coding practices. This propels widespread uniformity and maintainability in code across teams and throughout the codebase, further driving an organization toward positive business outcomes.

Various insights can be surfaced when using Tabnine Chat—including emerging code patterns, optimization suggestions, refactoring necessities, and performance enhancements—which drives continuous improvement and innovation, according to the company.

Tabnine Chat is now available for free early access.

To learn more about Tabnine Chat, please visit https://www.tabnine.com/.

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