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Mastek bolsters AI platform with NVIDIA accelerated computing

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Mastek, a trusted digital engineering and cloud transformation partner, is debuting a new iteration of its icxPro platform—a cloud native platform designed for building scalable AI applications—that feature NVIDIA accelerated computing. This collaborative release with NVIDIA sparks the next generation of efficient, innovative customer experience (CX) solutions fueled by AI, according to Mastek.

The icxPro platform will empower developers to seamlessly create domain-specific AI applications with the full-stack NVIDIA accelerated computing platform—which includes NVIDIA NIM microservices, a set of accelerated inference microservices that are part of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform. icxPro’s integration with the NVIDIA AI stack enables Mastek’s user base to benefit from faster time-to-market and accelerated business value on their developed CX solutions.

With AI underpinning icxPro, enterprises are supercharged with the ability to use AI to derive greater customer insights, personalize touchpoints, and automate tasks for a variety of channels, ultimately cultivating a frictionless, engaging customer experience, the company noted.

"Enterprises across industries face significant challenges in deploying scalable AI solutions that enhance customer experience and streamline operations," said John Fanelli, VP of enterprise software at NVIDIA. "By integrating NVIDIA NIM and other NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, developers using Mastek icxPro have a powerful, cloud-native solution that accelerates AI deployment and drives real business outcomes."

This seamless integration poses value for healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) verticals, as developers can accelerate the production of domain-specific solutions for these sectors through icxPro. In the manufacturing and BFSI sectors specifically, icxPro powered by NVIDIA saw a strong return on capital employed (ROCE), exceeding 20%, according to Mastek.

“We are excited to collaborate with NVIDIA to roll out business solutions in machine parts, intelligent fraud management, and intelligent supply chain for manufacturing, BFSI, and healthcare,” said Ritwik Batabyal, CTO and innovation officer at Mastek. “icxPro, built on the full-stack NVIDIA accelerated computing platform, simplifies the integration process and eliminates technical complexities, allowing businesses to focus on innovation and driving real business outcomes.”

To learn more about icxPro, please visit https://www.mastek.com/.

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