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Markets EQ unveils AI-powered tonal analysis for improving investor perception

Markets EQ, the enterprise communication tools provider, is debuting a tonal-based AI solution that provides insights into emotional and psychological states during executive communications. Through advanced tonal recognition analysis, this solution works to improve the value of communications by detecting and revealing auditory nuance.

The tonal quality of any business communication is crucial in optimizing the interaction’s buy-in. Whether during earnings calls, keynote speeches, or any vital presentation, creating positive, engaging communication can mean the difference between profit or loss, according to the vendor.

Targeting this challenge, Markets EQ leverages marketing tonal research-based AI to help executive leadership improve investor perceptions. In addition to tonal analysis, the Markets EQ platform offers a variety of communications-based capabilities that use conversational AI and natural language processing (NLP) to uncover conversation data.

“Markets EQ represents a significant leap in the realm of investor relations,” said Sean Austin, CEO of Markets EQ. “This tool doesn’t just analyze communications; it delves into the subtleties of executive speech, revealing deeper layers of meaning and intent. For the first time, IROs and investors can gauge not just what is being said, but the underlying confidence and certainty behind these statements, ushering in a new era of transparency and sophistication in corporate communication.”

The Markets EQ platform can surface a variety of subtleties, including:

  • Efficacy of message consistency over time with attention to direction and velocity toward corporate objectives
  • Impact of absent initiatives in the past
  • Missed opportunities to deliver broader or more specific messages
  • Message alignment during times of corporate stress/crisis
  • Vague and nondescript language that detracts from message goal
  • Repeating questions to target in communication

To learn more about Markets EQ, please visit https://www.marketseq.ai/welcome.

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