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Fibery’s generative AI assistant enhances productivity with accessible, customizable workspaces

Fibery, the work and knowledge hub for startups, is launching the Fibery AI Assistant, a generative AI tool that integrates Open AI’s GPT-3 API into the Fibery platform that is designed to automate a variety of tasks to optimize workflows.

The Fibery platform, which offers a connected, centralized workspace that combines work and knowledge management, is now enhanced with an AI assistant that eliminates the need for external tools necessary in processes such as brainstorming ideas, improving writing, and experimenting with workflows.

Implementing AI to make both customization and simplification of workspaces accessible to the average English-speaker is the foremost AI vision for the minds at Fibery, according to the company.

“We realized that generative AI could be a transformative technology for no-code tools like Fibery. It has the potential to create a completely new way for people to create and configure their workspaces,” said Michael Dubakov, CEO and co-founder of Fibery. “We believe we are on the edge of revolutionary changes in human-machine interaction. This means that in the near future, people from various domains without technical skills will be able to build customized solutions in Fibery, mostly using English as a programming language.”

With AI Space Generation capability, users can automatically produce a customizable Fibery workspace by simply entering a short prompt that describes their required domain.

In mere minutes, the Fibery AI assistant creates an adjustable space tailored to its user’s needs, removing the need to manually produce new spaces or modify existing ones. The space generated by the AI includes databases with pre-set basic fields and relations, sample data, basic views, and more.

“Within two days of its release, hundreds of spaces were created, some of which are relatively complex and may take 1-2 hours to build, even if you know Fibery UI and concepts,” explained Dubakov. “Fibery AI creates databases with dozens of fields, adds relations automatically, generates sample data, and adds views to work with the data.”

Though the AI Space Generation is creating new possibilities in terms of accessible, AI-generated workspaces, the next iterations of the tool will bring various enrichments to space creations, including that of formulas, sample data production, and different views, according to the vendor.

Fibery’s AI enhances writing while users work within rich text; with the Text AI Assistant, users can run pre-existing commands, input a short prompt, or execute pre-saved commands that enable the assistant to enhance writing, produce content, summarize and explain text, and more.

Users can modify the “temperature” of commands—or the AI’s level of creativity when performing a particular task—that the Text AI Assistant executes, ensuring customizability.

“Our AI Text Assistant is unique in terms of its user interface. Fibery has panel navigation, allowing you to work with your document in the left panel and have the Text Assistant in the right panel, making interactions more natural and allowing you to always see the text you are working on,” said Dubakov.

Finally, the AI in Automations component of Fibery’s AI Assistant mitigates manual, tedious tasks within the platform through a series of automations, ultimately eradicating the use of secondary tools and constant context-switching.

The AI can execute numerous tasks—including extracting and sorting data, translating text, creating automatic summaries of meetings, emails, and calls, and more—within text, number, and rich edit fields. Pre-set automation rules and buttons allow the user to quickly start directing the AI to perform tasks and streamline workflows.

“We believe that GPT-3 will enable us to conceal Fibery concepts behind a natural language interface, allowing our users to simply chat with the Fibery AI assistant to set up and reconfigure their workspace, including complex reports, rules, and views,” concluded Dubakov. “It's a completely new way of shaping your tools. We are iterating quickly and discovering new use cases every day.”

To learn more about Fibery’s AI Assistant tool, please visit https://fibery.io/.




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