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New suggestions from Grammarly alleviate communication pressures from unsure professionals

Grammarly, the enterprise responsible for effective communication solutions, is releasing tone rewrite suggestions to help  ensure the appropriate tone of written communications for the workplace. According to a survey conducted by Grammarly, 93% of professionals have difficulty conveying the proper tone in their communications. Whether it be positive, confident, or personable, Grammarly’s tone rewrite suggestions can empower those professionals to perfect their tone at the click of a button, according to the vendor.

“As teams work across more locations, time zones, and systems, the need to reimagine effective communication and the importance of emotional connection in the workplace has never been more critical,” said Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, global head of product at Grammarly. “When working asynchronously and in digital formats, the right tone can help make up for the lack of body language and in-person cues that previously guided so many of our workplace interactions. Grammarly’s new tone rewrite suggestions empower individuals and teams with the confidence their communication is well-received so they can build more productive relationships—marking another milestone in our mission to improve lives by improving communication.”

Grammarly’s tone rewrite suggestions are fueled by machine learning, allowing it to offer comprehensive tone feedback. Within the feature, there are three types of suggestions: positive reframing, confident, and personable. Positive reframing aims at constructive interactions focused on the solution, rather than the issue. The Confident suggestion promotes self-assured and persuasive language to encourage internal agreement and stakeholder alignment. To build and strengthen relationships in written communications, the Personable type suggestions rewrite stiff, detached sentences. Grammarly Business users will also be able to accommodate for brand tones with tone rewrite suggestions, aiding in aligning with a particular company’s preferred tone.

This is not Grammarly’s first innovation towards tone enhancements; in 2019, the enterprise launched its tone detector, enabling users to gain unbiased insight in how their communications will deliver to its recipient. With Grammarly’s latest improvement, tone feedback is bolstered by context-aware capabilities able to provide both accurate and comprehensive assistance to users.

The tone rewrite suggestions are now available for Grammarly Premium users and will eventually extend to Grammarly Business and Grammarly for Education users.

To learn more about Grammarly’s offerings and its latest features, please visit https://www.grammarly.com/.

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