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Algolia’s acquisition of Search.io yields improvements to search and discovery

As technology grows to meet the ever-increasing needs of consumers accustomed to instant gratification environments, navigating that realm must be equally as servicing. Provider of the leading API-First Search & Discovery platform, Algolia, is announcing its recent acquisition of Search.io, innovators of AI-powered search and discovery service, Neuralsearch; this acquisition marks Algolia’s commitment towards creating accelerated and intuitive search and discovery without having to sacrifice for scale, affordability, or aptitude.

“Our mission, vision, and purpose is powering discovery. We’ve done this to date largely with keyword search. With the addition of the vector search engine from Search.io, we’re going to disrupt the search market significantly,” said Bernadette Nixon, chief executive officer at Algolia. “We’ll be the only product on the market that combines keyword search with vector-based semantic and image search, along with vector-based recommendations. Vendor consolidation is back in vogue, and being able to get best in class capabilities from one provider is powerful in today’s economic climate.”

Search.io’s Neuralsearch is  a vector search engine utilizing hashing technology on top of vectors to effectively provide scalable performance at affordable prices, according to the vendor. The acquisition promises to combine Neuralsearch’s power with Algolia’s keyword search into a single API as a hybrid search engine, capable of both keyword and semantic search. This enables optimized search results with extreme accuracy, whether it’s through a consumer’s specific keyword search or natural human expression. While other companies promise semantic search ability, they cannot compete with Algolia and Search.io’s ability to deliver in search effectiveness, affordability, or scale, according to the vendor.

“We are delighted to be joining a world-class leader in search and discovery,” said Hamish Ogilvy, chief executive officer and co-founder of Search.io. "Delivering on the promise of AI search has traditionally required tremendous internal expertise and engineering resources to work effectively. Beyond delivering better search experiences, this must also be done reliably, fast, and cost effectively. Algolia has led the world in delivering highly redundant, globally distributed instant search using more than 100 data centers worldwide. This global search distribution network combined with vector-based semantic search using extremely fast and efficient neural hash technology is an exciting and truly unique solution."

To learn more about this news, please visit https://www.algolia.com/ or https://www.search.io/.

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