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Eureka Explorer Lineage by data.world yields increased visibility within the modern data stack

The enterprise data catalog for the modern data stack, data.world, is debuting Eureka Explorer Lineage as its latest solution towards increasing visibility within multiple aspects of data stack management. As an automated column-level technical lineage experience backed by data.world’s knowledge graph, Explorer Lineage’s insights within data sources, aggregation, and transformation of data stacks generate critical context for data applications. According to the company, this improves the resiliency and reliability of data and analytics supply chains through data stack monitoring.

data.world utilizes data lineage, an application of metadata that locates data origin, application details, and potential manipulation, to give users vital information that informs their management of data assets. Paired with data.world’s knowledge graph, Explorer Lineage integrates both its accumulated metadata and knowledge graph context to streamline holistic data insights spanning across an organization. Support from the knowledge graph also allows data lineage query, providing answers to questions a user may have.

“Most catalog-native data lineage solutions struggle to interrelate data lineage with essential business concepts,” said Jon Loyens, chief product officer and co-founder at data.world. “What’s missing is the semantic relevance only a knowledge graph can provide. Explorer Lineage gives your organization visibility into its data with complete context, providing knowledge and meaning, and that visibility helps ensure accurate, complete, and trustworthy data is being used to drive your business forward.”

Explorer Lineage tackles an array of pain points for data scientists, alleviating insecurity of data model quality and implementing several support systems to prevent or enact in case of error. The program features data troubleshooting for data model error support in case of failure, as well as impact analysis which aids in predicting data model impacts and notifies downstream data consumers of the potential change. Its discovery and trust system provides data scientists with locations of necessary data set additions within the model, informs the owner of the necessary changes, and solidifies its relationship with the user through advanced quality assurance. Explorer Lineage provides data asset cleanup and technology migration for critical data to be safely migrated from one system to another. Data privacy regulation locates PII within enterprise data and ensures compliance with GDPR via targeted data deletion.

“data.world’s Explorer Lineage gives Fivetran customers full insight into how their data has been transformed and by whom,” said Joseph DeBuzna, vice president, product management, enterprise and database at Fivetran. “This is a big step forward for governance teams seeking an easy and automated top-down view of their data and analytics ecosystems.”

For more information, please visit https://data.world/.


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