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Grammarly’s Text Editor SDK equips developers with an AI-powered English writing assistance API

Grammarly, provider of English writing assistance technology based on machine learning with more than 30 million users, is launching general availability of the Grammarly Text Editor SDK; an API from Grammarly for Developers that provides application integration with only a few lines of code, according to the company.

The Text Editor SDK deploys AI communication assistance into any web or desktop application, adding real-time writing support—such as with basic spelling and grammar checks, clarity and tone assistance, and inclusive language suggestions—with Grammarly’s deeply researched natural language processing (NLP) expertise. The SDK comes after years of developer requests for an API to integrate their applications with, expanding Grammarly’s reach.

“Quality communication translates to improvements in engagement, retention, and other key metrics,” said Max Lytvyn, Grammarly co-founder. “And we’ve made it easier than ever for developers to enable improved outcomes for their end users.”

The impacts of the SDK are reverberated against numerous facets of an enterprise, according to the company; GoFundMe, the online fundraising platform, for example, remarked that the Text Editor SDK empowered users with the necessary support to write with confidence about causes important to them. G2, the software marketplace, stated that the SDK greatly underpinned the peer review system, establishing credibility and trust between customer and product. Integration of the SDK by Front amplified the quality of high-stakes communications, improving communication quality.

Grammarly improves lives by improving communication, according to the company. Grammarly for Developers, then, improves the lives of its developers and the development process itself—alleviating the pressures of effective communication within a user’s application. The SDK also radically impacts a diverse range of end users, whether they be uncomfortable with English writing or differently abled with their writing and reading ability, to support all writers by providing the confidence to generate effective communication.

“Opening up access to our Text Editor SDK empowers more people worldwide to communicate confidently wherever they write,” said Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, global head of product at Grammarly. “Developers can bring the AI-powered communication assistance we’ve been innovating for over a decade into new digital spaces, delivering even greater impact for their end users and businesses.”

The SDK offers expansive functions to boost the effectiveness of the end user’s communication, supported by AI and ML. Tone detector within the SDK intelligently analyzes message tone to ensure confidence in creating the sort of communication that the user wants; the autocomplete feature conjures complete phrase recommendations for an accelerated and easier writing process; the analytics dashboard supplies developers with usage metrics—such as user ratings and suggestion engagement—for measurable impact; and the SDK’s theming capability  provides enhanced customization of the interface for seamless integration with a user’s application theme.

Use cases ranging from developers working on internal applications for content management and publishing to marketplaces that rely on user-generated content, to SaaS application vendors intended to solve a high-value communications need, can see dramatic improvements toward the quality and ease of their operations with Grammarly’s Text Editor SDK, according to the company.

Grammarly plans to continuously evolve its solution with the specific needs of their customers, making the future of their product a well-informed and malleable one.

“We want to see Grammarly’s assistance become more and more relevant and useful to users and developers,” said Rob Brazier, head of product at Grammarly. “One of the things we’re excited about is the ability to learn from developers on the unique communications needs of users in their app, and provide better Grammarly assistance for that particular context. The way you write on a job board is probably very different from the way you write on a social media platform or customer service chat tool—we’re excited to learn how we can provide more relevant assistance.”

Grammarly for Developers is a tier-based solution, with Free, Starter, and Plus variants.

To learn more about Grammarly or their Text Editor SDK, please visit https://www.grammarly.com/.

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