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Version 11.9 of Sinequa’s Search Cloud Platform strengthens search, connection, and simplicity

Sinequa, the search cloud company, is launching the 11.9 version of its Search Cloud Platform, revamping the solution’s Neural Search capability and its integration options with new pre-built connectors. The latest iteration of the platform exemplifies Sinequa’s commitment toward enhanced intelligent search for both customers and partners alike.

“Sinequa’s technology powers the information-driven journey for some of the most complex and innovative organizations in the world,” said Alexandre Bilger, president and CEO at Sinequa. “We continue to innovate our platform to meet customers' needs for improved search experiences supporting expanded use cases. The latest release of Sinequa’s Search Cloud platform brings innovative new features and capabilities that deliver best-in-class search experiences for your mission-critical applications.”

Sinequa’s Neural Search sees better relevance and better search experience in this update, further complimenting its new language options. Neural Search’s four fully-trained deep neural networks enhance the above-mentioned areas, as well as builds off its previous version to increasingly support more diverse content for better search results.

Enhanced document splitting and automatic content management for higher-quality passages and augmented answer extraction capabilities arm Neural Search with better result relevance. UI/UX improvements, such as built-in components for Top Passages and Answers, promote intuitive and streamlined end user experiences. Sinequa’s Neural Search is now available in French, German, and Spanish.

“It is good to see that Sinequa has been working with its customers in the development of its innovative hybrid Neural Search solution, a luxury that start-up search vendors do not enjoy,” said Martin White, managing director at Intranet Focus Ltd. “The outcome is a solution that blends its strong statistical search with four DNNs that should deliver both high precision and high recall and ensure that the user feels in control of the search experience.”

The latest collection of pre-built connectors enables greater connectivity without the cost of complexity. To aid in giving organizations the ability to rapidly and effectively integrate heterogeneous content, regardless of source, format, or language, Sinequa’s improved integration capabilities empower organizations to connect with any combination of out-of-the-box and custom connectors.

Sinequa’s library of connectors sees both new additions and upgrades to its current selection: PTC Windchill connector for PLM content integration, Office 365 OneNote, Audit Log, and Azure Blob Storage are among these improved/added connectors.

Connectors and Neural Search are not the only features improving Sinequa’s Search Cloud Platform. Capabilities like Sinequa Themes and Search Starter App Builder are streamlining the Search Experience Builder no-code tool, enabling partners and customers to create custom search experiences with ease.

To learn more about Sinequa’s update to the Search Cloud Platform, please visit https://www.sinequa.com/.

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