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Absolute Software’s latest release increases cyber protection and threat visibility for remote work

Absolute Software, a provider of security systems, is debuting its latest improvements to its Secure Endpoint portfolio for improved security functions. According to the vendor, Absolute Software’s technology provides a permanent connection for applying dynamic and intelligent visibility, control, and self-healing functions to endpoints, applications, and network connections for increased protection against cyber threats. The latest update to Absolute Software’s Secure Endpoint portfolio bolsters its resilience against various security threats, including end user messaging improvements, expansion of its resilient application catalog, as well as increased visibility for optimized Web application investments.

“With hybrid work environments here to stay, it is imperative to have solutions that can both strengthen overall security posture and provide a better end user experience,” said John Herrema, EVP of product and strategy at Absolute Software. “This latest product release equips IT and security teams with a reliable, two-way communication channel to reach employees–beyond email and other productivity applications, which are a prime target for malicious actors. Additionally, it enables them to automatically remediate critical applications when they are disabled or stop working effectively, as well as ensure their Web tool investments are being fully utilized and generating maximum ROI.”

Enhanced protection against cyber attacks for Absolute Software takes its form in various expansions and improvements to current features. As previously mentioned, enhancements to end user messaging, general intelligence, and its application catalog present more avenues towards threat protection for enterprises. Enhanced user end messaging allows for utilization of Absolute Software’s undeletable firmware-embedded connection to all endpoints, ensuring secure communication; it also provides guidance through predictive threat advisories and notifications of infected machines for quarantining. Absolute Software’s release increases visibility insights through its new Web Subscriptions Report element, useful for return measurement on Web tool investments. With the expanded catalog now available through the latest release, users can access up to 60 titles including BlackBerry CylancePROTECT and Ivanti Neurons for Unified Endpoint Management.

For more information, please visit https://www.absolute.com/.

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