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Zendesk empowers intelligent CX with AI

Zendesk, the business process innovator, is announcing the launch of Zendesk AI, a customer experience (CX) solution built on billions of customer service interactions to deliver personalized, efficient, and more empathetic CX, according to the vendor.

With the goal of granting accessibility to organizations seeking to provide better CX, Zendesk AI drives seamless, beneficial interactions while saving time and increasing an enterprises’ understanding of their customer base. The announcement also comes on the heels of Zendesk’s partnership with OpenAI, where generative AI will play a part in Zendesk’s CX solutions.

Citing the 2023 Zendesk CX Trends Report, Zendesk emphasizes that though businesses expect the world from AI, they have not been able to realize its benefits quickly; many organizations still have not seen cost savings or enhanced efficiency since adopting AI solutions, according to the vendor.

To combat this detrimental trend in AI adoption, Zendesk AI deploys quickly to immediately add value to enterprise operations. The solution leverages a massive CX-specific dataset to drive better, more inviting CX while continuously collecting information about every customer interaction, so that enterprises can better assist their customers.

“More than 90% of our customers already use AI within Zendesk, and we are building on this great foundation with new solutions that any business can use immediately,” said Tom Eggemeier, CEO of Zendesk. “AI has significant benefits for agents, admins, and businesses that want to deliver the best customer experience, and Zendesk AI will help them instantly see tangible value in cost savings and thousands of hours a month in gained productivity.”

With advanced, pre-trained bots for messaging and email, Zendesk AI automatically resolves issues while employing the aforementioned datasets to drive customer-centric, industry-specific responses. The solution additionally aids agent productivity by providing AI-powered insights and suggestions to empower quick resolution through AI-generated content.

Continuous collection of customer behavior enables Zendesk AI to become more intelligent over time; intent detection, language detection, and sentiment analysis provide the basis for intelligent workflows that classify incoming customer requests, according to the vendor.

“While running and scaling a successful CX team is complex, using AI should be simple,” said Cristina Fonseca, head of AI at Zendesk. “With Zendesk AI, our proprietary models are specifically trained for CX and designed to immediately deliver actionable customer insights. These foundational features are key to improving customer service quality and agent efficiency, with potential to be even more powerful when combined with LLMs.”

Though the world of AI is full of exciting possibilities, trust, security, and ethical usage is critically important in its usage. To address these compliance concerns, Zendesk is also launching Advanced Data Protection (available for Suite Professional plan or higher) in the next quarter.

To learn more about Zendesk AI, please visit https://www.zendesk.com/.

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