Knowledge Management White Papers

How to Leverage AI Behavioral Models to Maintain Customer Satisfaction with Work-From-Home Agents

Intelligent Data Hub: The Next Generation of Smart Data Management

New Approaches to Master Data Management

Intelligent Data Hub - Taking MDM to the Next Level

Achieving intelligent enterprise search with Practical AI

No App Left Behind: Completing your Content Transformation to the Cloud

Focus on Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the business value of your content

Combine learning and documentation content for unified platform delivery

An Insight into Adobe Technical Communication Survey 2020

Trends in Technical Communication: Insights from Adobe Technical Communication Survey 2020

DITA Authoring and Publishing for Everyone

Adobe success story: Exceeding learning content expectations

Adobe success story: Practical and predictable customer documentation

Adobe success story: Simplifying dynamic document delivery

Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server as a Publishing Engine for DITA Content

Adobe RoboHelp

Adobe FrameMaker

All Nippon Airways Sees Its Plans for International Expansion Take Off

Reclaim Your Weekend

A Localization Project Manager's Guide to Saving Time and Finding Freedom!

The Power of AI-Assisted Enterprise Search

Beyond Translating Words: Solving Business Problems with Machine Translation

Guide to Evaluating Machine Translation Software

Digital Transformation Powered by Intelligent Content

The Future of Knowledge Management

How 3M Made the Move from Manuals to Information Products Using XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager (Webinar Recording)

How and Why Briggs & Stratton Migrated to XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager to Advance DITA Use (Webinar Recording)

DIY Migration: How BlackBerry Documentation Moved to the XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager and Gained the Power to Innovate (Webinar Recording)

How Palo Alto Networks Made Documentation Integral to the Customer Journey Using XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager (Webinar Recording)

10 ways DITA Can Help Drive a Unified Content Strategy (White Paper)

7 Steps to Choosing a CCMS With High ROI (White Paper)

The Age of Accountability – Unifying Marketing and Technical Content with Adobe Experience Manager (White Paper)

The Convergence of Technical and Marketing Communication (White Paper)

Strategic MarComm and TechComm Integration (White Paper)

Take the Next Step in Your Career with a Master of Knowledge Management from CSUN

4 Case Studies in Market Intelligence ROI

Take Your IG Program to the Next Level with Continuous Auditing and Analytics

100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management 2020

ASG & Zia: Solving Content Challenges with Federation & Interoperability

Utilizing A Rich Text Editor to Create Stellar User Experiences


Discover How a Content Services Platform Harnesses Information for Business Value


Postbank Runs Data-Dependent Core Banking Operations & Compliance with ASG Content Services (Mobius)


ASG’s Content Services Provides Millions of Investors Access to SharePoint Content


8 Reasons to Modernize with a Content Services Platform


Knowledge Management E-Book

Knowledge Management Buyer's Guide

Your Guide to Knowmax: The Knowledge Management Platform for Assisted and Digital Channels

Looking to the Future: 2020 Insight

The Enterprise Data Catalog: Build or Buy?

Learn about the key lessons from the data catalog journeys of eBay and LinkedIn, and why building may lead you to buying

Case Study: Telecom

How our Knowledge Management Platform helped leading Telecom improve its FCR by 21%

Case Study: Food Delivery

How kochartech assisted a leading online Food Delivery App reduce AHT by 15%

Case Study: Oxigen Wallet

Customer Engagement Platform for Digital and Assisted Channels

Informed Engagements: 2019-20 Contact Center Information Flow Survey

Compliance and quality assurance: Pieces of a complex supply chain puzzle

Document Automation 2019 Buyer Guide

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Knowledge Management


5 Steps to Remediate Your Compromised Office 365 Account

Your insider's guide to why passwords are here to stay, and how IT teams can stay in control of password management.

Cached credential update: The essential Active Directory feature to enable telecommuters work hassle-free

Human and Machine Intelligence: Building The Future Of Text Analytics

ASG & AIIM eBook: Hybrid Harmony

5 Recommendations for a Balanced Cloud and On-Prem Approach for Your Enterprise Content

Whitepaper: Modernizing Your Content Infrastructure to Digitize Your Business

What Approach Is Your Organization Taking to Store Content?

The Trend-Setting Products in Knowledge Management 2019

Regulatory Updates: Roundup of 10 Recent FINRA and SEC Violations and Penalties

Best Practices for Stopping Risk In Its Tracks

2019 Financial Firm’s Guide to Compliant Text Messaging

KM: Looking to the Future

Data Quality Matters

Why Knowledge Management Should Be A Top Budget Priority

Replacing Legacy ECM

Five Ways Google Cloud Search Takes Charge of Lost Institutional Knowledge: Finding Information Doesn't Need to Be Like Looking for a Needle in a Haystack

Explore the advanced features in Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release) – video tutorial

Get started with Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release) – video tutorial

Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker (2019 release) – video tutorial

Determining the Highest ROI Solution for Technical Publishing Migration from Microsoft Word

FM 2019 vs Word 2016

Nivus Case Study

Mitel Case Study

Schneider Electric Case Study

Ciena Case Study

From a Foggy Labyrinth to a Bright Horizon

An effective road map for adopting DITA

Grab the Wheel and Drive Your Content to DITA!

How Networking Giant Ciena migrated to DITA successfully with a modest budget

From Challenge comes Opportunity

Why BlackBerry’s Enterprise Documentation team made the move to XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager

KMWorld 2019 Knowledge Management Buyer's Guide

The KMWorld 2019 Knowledge Management Buyer's Guide is a unique resource specifically designed for knowledge and information professionals.

One Adobe Solution for Technical Content

10 trends that will shape the future of technical communication

Top 10 reasons to move from Microsoft Word to Adobe FrameMaker

Unifying Structured Content and Augmented Reality

The Future of Product Information and After-Sales

DITA for Marketing - And why it is a good idea.

How marketers can leverage the power of DITA

The Right to be Forgotten (on-demand webinar)

Digital Process Automation: Reinvigorating Business Agility with Intelligence

100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management

To help shine a light on innovative knowledge management vendors, each year KMWorld presents the 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management, a list compiled over the course of the past 12 months. The 2019 KMWorld 100 list spans a wide variety of companies that are each addressing the evolving demands of knowledge management. Some are long-standing companies with well-established offerings that have evolved over time, while others are much more recent entrants to the field.

BPO Claims Processing Leveraging Parascript AI Software

BPO Claims Processing Leveraging Parascript AI Software

Parascript: XtraAI Case Study

Document Processing Automation

Automation Strategies: Dealing with High Variance & Unstructured Documents

Machine Learning for Advanced Capture

What Does a NextGen E-Discovery Playbook Look Like?

Look to the Future with SharePoint Public Preview 2019

Expand and Simplify Your Business Functions with SharePoint 2016

Taking the Pain Out of Information Retrieval: One Organization’s Quest for a Unified Search Experience


Knowledge Management for the Modern Law Firm

How Artificial Intelligence Unlocks the Competitive Potential of Your KM Investments

7 Strategic Tasks for a Superlative SharePoint Implementation

SharePoint: It’s an Application You Can’t Afford to Live Without

Is Knowledge Management Dead?

DIGITIZE AND MODERNIZE: The path for efficient federal agencies

Drive Digital Transformation at the Federal Level with increased pressure on federal agencies to modernize IT and increase efficiency, finding the right solution is an ongoing struggle. Where do you begin? With such a wide variety of challenges to overcome at the federal level, it’s difficult to know.

KMWorld Fall 2018 Knowledge Management Buyer's Guide

The KMWorld 2018 Knowledge Management Buyer's Guide is a unique resource specifically designed for knowledge and information professionals.

Making Search Intelligent with AI

Knowledge Management Gets Cognitive

Case Study: Cisco SalesConnect Powered by Intelligent Search


2018/2019 Content Automation Research: Content Practices and Challenges, Technology Trends, and Investment Outlook Within Enterprise Content Publishing

Mozenda & Amsoil: A Case Study On Web Data Scraping

Knowledge Article Quality

How Important Is Quality For Customer Service

The Trend-Setting Products in Knowledge Management 2018

The Benefits of Becoming Information Driven Using AI & Machine Learning

Time's Up: The GSA Expiration Plan You Need Today

Key Considerations when Making the Move to Office 365

The Data Variety Challenge: Why A Schema Flexible Model Works

What is a Knowledge Graph?

Unconnected Data is a Liability

KMWorld Spring 2018 Knowledge Management Buyer's Guide

The KMWorld 2018 Knowledge Management Buyer's Guide is a unique resource specifically designed for knowledge and information professionals.



The Blueprint for Replacing Google Search Appliance: On-Premise vs. The Cloud

Do you have your GSA replacement lined up?

From Top-Line Growth to Bottom-Line Profits: 10 Reasons to Use Automated Web Data Monitoring and Extraction

3 Reasons To Use Custom News Aggregation And Content Monitoring

Financial & Market Research: Monitoring the Web for Insights & Actionable Intelligence

Sponsored by Verint: Aberdeen Research Omni Channel Customer Care: How to Deliver Context Driven Experiences.

Today, Aberdeen Research indicates that 51% of companies use at least eight channels to interact with customers.* However, using more channels is no longer enough for companies to differentiate themselves. In fact, savvy firms outpace others by optimizing how they use numerous channels to manage customer conversations and as a result drive significant improvement in customer experience and operational efficiency metrics.

Managing Content Beyond the Corporate Walls: Working in the Cloud

The Playbook for Enterprise Content Integration

100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management

Our 2018 list of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management is compiled over the course of the year via input from editors, analysts, experts and, most importantly, users. It consists of companies that capture our attention for various reasons including functionality, demonstrated success with clients, creativity and innovation.

How to Build a Winning Business Case for Enterprise Search

The Modern Intranet Buyer’s Guide

A step-by-step guide for selecting the best employee intranet for your organization

Natural Language Processing

AI-powered Search for Customer Support

5 Minute Guide to Machine Learning

AI-powered Search for the Unified Digital Workplace

Cognitive Search for the Life Sciences

Knowledge Management: Looking to the Future

BPM: Going Beyond Workflow to an Intelligence Enterprise Platform

Customer Service Playbook

We know that no one wakes up in the middle of the night, sweaty and screaming, “I need great knowledge management software!”

KMWorld Fall 2017 Knowledge Management Buyer's Guide

The KMWorld 2017 Knowledge Management Buyer's Guide is a unique resource specifically designed for knowledge and information professionals.

Automated Quality: Six Steps to Success

Empowering Employees Through Automated Scoring

The Trend-Setting Products in Knowledge Management 2017

KMWorld's overview of the products that are setting the trends in knowledge, document, and content management

Guide to Machine Learning


Text Analytics

The Path to Cognitive Search

Guide to Machine Learning


How to Create a Single Source of Truth: A Guide for Business Transformation

KMWorld Fall 2017 Buyers' Guide

Verint Knowledge Management Data Sheet

Verint Knowledge Management Solution Brief: Overview of the Unique Capabilities and Benefits of Verint Knowledge Management

The World of Business Transformation

"Sooner or later, all industries and organizations will be forced to respond to these challenges. Smart organizations are planning their responses today."

KMWorld 2017 Knowledge Management Buyer's Guide

The KMWorld 2017 Knowledge Management Buyer's Guide is a unique resource specifically designed for knowledge and information professionals.

Today’s Enterprise Content Demands a Modern Approach

While Enterprise Content Management (ECM) today is predominantly deployed on-premises, within the next two years, 90% of organizations will be using cloud-based content management systems, either as a primary or hybrid approach.

Best Practices for Protecting Your Data


Your guide to transforming business for growth by enhancing employee proficiency with the next generation intelligent intranet.

100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management

The 2017 edition of the 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management helps KM and information management practitioners better understand the market and the products and services that can change the way your organization does business in the year ahead.

Content is the New Perimeter: The Security and Regulatory Drivers for Information Rights Management

"Controlling access to digital assets has always been an issue for some organizations, but an increasing amount of regulation and controls have now made this a problem for a much wider range of companies."

Seven Steps to Build a Business Case for Knowledge Management

Knowledge management can improve the speed, quality, consistency and agility of your contact center.

eBook: The ABCs of Success with Knowledge Management

The success in knowledge management depends on a variety of factors.