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$2.6M supercharges Plotline’s no-code, AI-powered user engagement platform

Plotline, a startup enabling consumer app companies to rapidly and effortlessly customize their apps, is announcing the results of a funding round led by Elevation Capital, having raised $2.6 million. This funding empowers Plotline’s mission to improve user adoption and loyalty for consumer brands—especially in an era of user disengagement and complex app offerings. 

Building super apps—or apps that provide multiple services in an effort to make their offerings more appealing—is a costly endeavor, especially when maintaining customer engagement is more difficult than ever, according to Plotline. Acknowledging this challenge, Plotline founders Shubham Jindal and Adarsh Tadimari began their journey to help enterprises access the true value of their offerings—especially when some consumer companies weren’t aware of all of their apps’ available functionalities. 

Plotline offers a no-code platform that empowers consumer brands to make their apps more dynamic, specifically leveraging insights on individual user behavior based on billions of data points. Plotline’s large language models (LLMs) power content creation and ongoing experimentation, helping to produce user-specific, engaging experiences. 

Plotline’s personalized experiences increase overall app usage, rivaling traditional product marketing methods of push notifications, SMS, and emails that fail to maintain continuous, meaningful engagement, according to the company. 

"Mobile apps are adding a lot more functionality into their apps today compared to half a decade ago. This poses a unique challenge in how users navigate and discover these offerings,” said Jindal. “Through our work with customers over the past year, we see that influencing user behavior by making apps dynamic can be extremely beneficial for the company and end user. As apps transition from single-function tools to vertical super apps that offer multiple complementary services, they realized there was untapped potential in helping marketers and users unlock their apps' full value.” 

Plotline’s platform offers unique, in-app user experimentation via gamified, in-line widgets, which ultimately improve activation, feature adoption, and retention. This approach to influencing the user from within the app directly, as opposed to reactionary measures from user disengagement, differentiates the Plotline platform. 

“With the rise of vertical superapps, Plotline helps consumer apps cut through the noise and deliver the best in-app experiences through their no-code platform that allows growth marketers to craft and launch tailored UX campaigns,” said Poorvi Vijay, vice president, Elevation Capital. “We're eager to support Shubham Jindal and Adarsh Tadimari on this journey as they redefine the dynamics of user engagement and drive unparalleled growth in this industry.” 

The recent funding will serve to aid a variety of Plotline’s key functions, including R&D, marketing, and sales, accompanied by plans to expand their offering in US, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions. 

To learn more about Plotline, please visit https://www.plotline.so/.

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