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Nyriad and DigitalGlue partner to enhance operational efficiency and performance of creative workloads

Nyriad, the provider of software-defined data storage systems, and DigitalGlue, the systems integrator for enabling the production and distribution of digital video, are announcing their recent partnership which will propel productivity for media production workflows without increasing its complexity.

The partnership will pair their two technologies—Nyriad’s UltraIO and DigitalGlue’s creative.space—to enable creatives and contributors to have holistic authority over their media, while simultaneously mitigating post-production delays and optimizing resources, according to the companies.

Nyriad’s UltraIO data storage system leverages industry-standard GPUs to increase performance, resiliency, and efficiency while reducing TCO and ensuring non-disruptive scaling.

DigitalGlue’s creative.space is a purpose-built platform geared toward streamlining enterprise storage, both in its use and management, to eliminate the need for extensive knowledge or a dedicated team of IT experts.

The combination of these technologies aims to provide creatives and contributors with the ability to deploy, manage, and scale their production workflows with ease, speed, and at low cost, according to the companies.

“DigitalGlue’s creative.space software, coupled with Nyriad’s UltraIO storage system, offers high performance, unbeatable data protection, and unmatched value at scale,” said Sean Busby, president of DigitalGlue. “The solution eliminates the compromise between cost and quality while providing creative teams complete control over their valuable media.”

The joint solution innovates on four areas of operability: performance, resilience, efficiency, and simplicity, along with ease of deployment.

In terms of performance, UltraIO and creative.space provides high read and write bandwidth capabilities, removes storage as a bottleneck, and mitigates the need for copying data between file systems or creating lower resolution proxies (a dramatic drain on time and resources).

UltraIO’s resiliency—being able to handle up to 20 drives failing at once with no data loss and maintaining 95% of its maximum throughput—brings creatives and contributors peace of mind in regards to their workloads.

UltraIO’s 90% raw capacity usability, as well as creative.space’s operational and management overhead-reducing tools, allow its users to generate mass efficiency while lowering TCO, as well as their carbon footprint.

To deploy, organizations do not need to update or replace existing technologies; the combined solution deploys seamlessly into clients’ environments, with immediate benefits realized—including operational simplicity, agility, and the simplification of production tasks.

To learn more about Nyraid and DigitalGlue’s partnership, please visit https://www.nyriad.io/ or https://www.digitalglue.com/.

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