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dtSearch 2024.01 centers accessibility and expansion for terabyte search

dtSearch, the smart choice for text retrieval since 1991, is announcing the release of the latest version of its enterprise and developer product line, designed to search terabytes of online and offline data. Driven by the ambition to keep dtSearch’s main “off the shelf” enterprise products up to the latest standards of accessibility, version 2024.01 offers a plethora of new features that increase search democratization while extending its platform support.

Having retained a leading digital accessibility solution partner, Level Access, dtSearch leveraged their expertise and input to increase the accessibility of its Windows “off the shelf” enterprise products—dtSearch Desktop and dtSearch Network.

“dtSearch Desktop and dtSearch Network offered the clearest path for accessibility enhancements,” explained Elizabeth Thede, director of sales at dtSearch. “While these products have for years encompassed customizable elements like search results presentation, such elements exist within the framework of the overall user interface. Reviewing the entire user interface ‘from the top down’ was a critical first step in working on this new version.”

“Accessibility advocates often emphasize that accessibility improvements benefit not just users with disabilities but all users. We found this to be the case in developing Version 2024.01 and we hope that all end-users benefit from this new release,” Thede continued.

dtSearch’s release delivers five new features: the terabyte indexer, concurrent, multithreaded searching, new document filters and supported data types, 25-plus search features, and new dtSearch Engine SDKs.

Terabyte indexer empowers expanded indexing of a terabyte of text, spanning multiple folders, emails with nested attachments, online data, and other databases in a single index. dtSearch’s products can now create and search any number of terabyte indexes.

With concurrent, multithreaded searching dtSearch products have no built-in limits on the number of concurrent search threads, enabling these products to work effectively in high-traffic Internet and Intranet sites. This scalability operates independently and stateless, further offering the ability to rebuild an index or indexes, add new files, emails, database records, remove deleted content, and more without affecting continuing concurrent searching, according to Thede.

dtSearch’s update to its proprietary document filters now supports Microsoft Office files, OpenOffice files, PDFs, compression formats, emails along with nested attachments, web-ready data, and more, paired with browser display and highlighted hits.

The dtSearch product line now includes over 25 full-text and metadata hit-highlighted search options, accompanied by integrated relevancy ranking across multiple data repositories. With Unicode support, dtSearch covers hundreds of international languages—including those with special double byte character options and right-to-left text. dtSearch also supports forensics-oriented options, as well as developer-oriented search features such as faceted search and granular data classification.

Finally, version 2024.01 delivers dtSearch Engine SDKs that provide C++, Java, and current .NET APIs for X64 Windows, X64 Linux, macOS (including Apple Silicon ARM and Intel-based macOS), and now, 64-bit ARM for Windows.

“We believe that Windows ARM is going to be an important platform going forward and we wanted to have that ready for our developer customers prior to the upcoming Snapdragon X Elite release,” noted Thede.

dtSearch’s APIs offer access to dtSearch’s general search features, document filters, faceted search, and granular data classification with any number of full-text and metadata parameters.

dtSearch’s product line is compatible with popular “Office” formats, website data, databases, compression formats, and emails with attachments, deployable either on-prem or in a cloud environment such as Azure or AWS.

To learn more about dtSearch, please visit https://www.dtsearch.com/.

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