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AnswerRocket brings enhancements to Max, the genAI analytics assistant

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AnswerRocket, an innovator in generative AI (genAI)-powered analytics, is unveiling a series of features for its Max solution—a user-friendly chat experience that combines AnswerRocket’s augmented analytics with OpenAI’s GPT large language model (LLM).

AnswerRocket’s Max solution enables users to inquire about key business metrics, identify performance drivers, and investigate critical issues within seconds, according to the company. As genAI, Max employs a chat-based experience that acts as a human assistant for its users.

Max is compatible with all major cloud platforms, accompanied by enterprise-grade security, scalability, and compliance.

“We want to create advanced analytics that are easy to use. So, no learning curve for the end user,” said Alon Goren, CEO of AnswerRocket. “[We wanted to give users] the ability to ask really deep questions, and in response, get insightful, actionable kinds of responses as opposed to a dashboard report that simply shows you the numbers you asked about.”

New capabilities for the solution range from customization improvements to new data type support, allowing enterprises to automate their analytics workflows.

Max now features customizable analyses, which enables users to employ custom Skills—or plugins into the conversation that enables a particular function to be executed—using their own models. Skills can be configured to leverage unique business rules, processes, language, outputs, and more. Max also offers a series of out-of-the-box Skills for business performance analysis.

Within the update, AnswerRocket’s genAI assistant supports both structured and unstructured data, empowering organizations to surface critical insights from a variety of proprietary data sources within a single conversation.

Additionally, Max is now able to execute multi-step analytics processes, alleviating labor pains on behalf of data analysts while still providing timely analysis and self-service answers to stakeholders, according to the company.

Max can also be embedded into a variety of tools—including Power BI, Slack, Teams, and CRMs—meeting analysts wherever they are in their existing tech stack.

When discussing genAI technology, the matter of hallucinations is bound to come up. As far as hallucinations go, Goren explained that “the language model only sees the facts that were generated based on unknown sources and presented to the language model with the request to, essentially, answer from these facts. We don’t hallucinate because the facts that we present are relevant to the question that was asked.”

With the abundance of new features coming to Max, users will be able to reimagine their large data lakes and knowledge bases as a plethora of insights crucial to driving positive business outcomes.

“Max brings forward a seismic shift in how companies can transform their data into actionable intelligence with unprecedented speed,” said Goren. “With Max, everyone within the enterprise can have immediate access to an AI analyst, providing them with prescriptive recommended actions and helping to guide them towards data-driven decisions.”

To learn more about Max, please visit https://www.answerrocket.com/max/.

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