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Tiger Eye Blueprint relaunches with specific focus on longevity, scalability, and legal KM

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Tiger Eye, the provider of solutions for every step of the document and email journey, is announcing the relaunch of Tiger Eye Blueprint, the comprehensive KM solution for knowledge sharing, capture, storage, and retrieval, built for iManage. Rebuilt from the ground-up, Tiger Eye Blueprint has been revamped with future-proof capabilities, enhanced scalability, and specific features for legal KM workloads.

Tiger Eye Blueprint acts as a centralized, secure, searchable database that integrates seamlessly with iManage to support users through their knowledge sharing and retrieval workflows. The solution unifies the full scope of the legal knowledge management process—from knowledge collation to curation, classification, and sharing—while incorporating market-leading security from the iManage Work platform, according to Tiger Eye. Tiger Eye Blueprint stores knowledge assets in a separate, knowledge-specific iManage database, which are continuously updated and approved.

In the wake of its rebuild, Tiger Eye Blueprint now features full REST compatibility, flexible authentication, and connections to iMange Cloud and self-hosted iManage.

The solution is further equipped with a highly requested knowledge bundling feature, allowing legal firms to integrate bundles of knowledge assets—including documents, standard precedents, communications, and meeting notes—for a more comprehensive view.

In addition to its various capability upgrades, Tiger Eye Blueprint sees updates to its UI, offering greater accessibility and a more responsive layout.

“This relaunch is just the start of Blueprint’s new journey, with a whole host of new features on the horizon for the platform,” said Dave Wilson, managing director of Tiger Eye. “Working in partnership with our new customers (to be announced soon), the product is being taken in new and exciting directions, with new ideas and capabilities brought into the roadmap to reflect the ever-changing world of knowledge management.”

To learn more about Tiger Eye Blueprint, please visit https://www.tigereyeconsulting.com/.

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