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Siren and ShadowDragon’s strategic partnership mitigates complexity for modern investigation enterprises

A strategic partnership between Siren, provider of Investigative Intelligence analytics, and ShadowDragon, a provider of open source intelligence (OSINT) datasets and APIs, promises to streamline online environments for modern investigations with flexibility.

This collaboration targets particular industries with its solution—namely law enforcement, national security, and investigative corporate. ShadowDragon's sourcing, collecting, and sorting of open source data simplifies online investigation environments, while Siren’s platform is able to unify them within a single entity. The former’s data source access, including news and current affairs, chat and online forums, malware intelligence, and historical datasets, position its unique OSINT method as more widely leverageable through Siren’s innate compatibilities.

“Partnering with Siren presented the opportunity to connect restful APIs for our entire ShadowDragon intelligence suite into a single investigative source, tipping the balance for investigative teams worldwide,” said Daniel Clemens, ShadowDragon founder.

In concurrence with ShadowDragon’s complexity mitigation, Siren’s enterprise-wide search and intuitive user interface supports OSINT’s spectrum of data. The platform is used globally for investigative solutions, as well as for search and discovery processes, according to the company. Siren’s key advantage is its fusing of data with other sources in real-time, employing a fluid schema to accommodate for the depth of open source intelligence that ShadowDragon provides. Working compatible with OSINT’s volume and complexity of unstructured and structured data, Siren’s processing of news and media sources in real-time amplifies the powers of any OSINT analyst.

“Enriching classified data with OSINT data is a key challenge that many investigators face,” said John Randles, CEO of Siren. “This partnership completely solves that issue. Both companies have the same mantra—provide technology that enables the good guys to win and the bad guys to lose, and in doing so you keep people, assets, and networks safe.”

This release also enables Siren to resell ShadowDragon data for simple contracting access. The offering is available for both cloud and on-premises deployments.

For more information about the partnership, please visit https://siren.io/ or https://www.shadowdragon.io/.

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