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Onymos prioritizes frontline healthcare workers and engineering teams with latest healthcare app

Onymos, developer of a Features-as-a-Service platform, is announcing its latest offering for accelerated healthcare application development with a variety of automated functions. The solution, dubbed Know Your HealthDocs, utilizes fast build times for healthcare applications paired with automated document evaluation and transcription to better aid frontline workers in the field and developers creating programs for them.

Know Your HealthDocs eliminates manual processes that absorb valuable time from both frontline workers correcting and ingesting healthcare documents, as well as engineering teams creating and deploying applications within healthcare infrastructures. Features included in the offering are a series of automated functions: evaluation and verification of healthcare documents for ensuring validity and compliance adherence; enhancement of photos or scans of healthcare documents to reduce the need for multiple versions; and deployment of optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities for accurate interpretation of data from the documents, ultimately expediting process times and reducing transcription error.

“Frontline healthcare workers are spending precious time vetting and correctly translating physical medical documents, while engineering teams are allocating 12 person months to creating custom applications that will streamline this process,” said Shiva Nathan, founder and CEO of Onymos. “Know Your HealthDocs was developed to eliminate error-prone manual processes faced by frontline workers, while enabling healthcare enterprise engineering teams to rapidly deploy needed apps through access to pre-developed functionality and machine learning-driven automation.”

To learn more about Onymos and Know Your HealthDocs, please visit https://onymos.com/.

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