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Kinetica debuts SQL-GPT for easing Telecom workloads

Kinetica, the real-time database purpose built for enabling analytics and generative AI on time-series and spatial data, is announcing the availability of Kinetica SQL-GPT for Telecom, a large language model (LLM)-powered solution for translating natural English into SQL queries. Now designed to accommodate the rigid demands of the telecommunications industry, Kinetica’s SQL-GPT for Telco empowers easy data exploration and analysis with real-time, interactive conversations.

Telco’s reliance on spatial and time-series data makes it a perfect match for Kinetica’s architecture, pushing its efficacy further with unique, interactable visualizations for billions of data. Telco enterprises leveraging Kinetica’s SQL-GPT solution will enable users to ask complex queries to the data directly, without requiring any extensive resources.

“Kinetica's SQL-GPT for Telco has undergone rigorous fine-tuning to understand and respond to the unique data sets and industry-specific vernacular used in the telecommunications sector,” said Nima Negahban, co-founder and CEO of Kinetica. “This ensures that telco professionals can easily extract insights from their data without the need for extensive SQL expertise, reducing operational bottlenecks and accelerating decision-making.”

Telecom industries will now be able to optimize network performance, track coverage, and ensure reliability with ease, according to Kinetica. Additionally, by using an LLM native to Kinetica, customers are assured robust security measures for data utilized by SQL-GPT.

“Through the unrivaled computational power of NVIDIA GPUs, we are driving transformative advancements in real-time network analytics for the telecommunications industry,” said Chad Meley, chief marketing officer, Kinetica. “This launch marks a new era where telcos will begin transitioning from traditional data analytics platforms that were rigid, batch oriented, and required specialized skills to use to a new paradigm where any user can ask ad-hoc questions against the freshest possible data using plain English.”

To learn more about Kinetica’s SQL-GPT for Telecom, please visit https://www.kinetica.com/.

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