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November 6 - 9, 2023
JW Marriott, Washington, DC

Join us in Washington, DC this November for KMWorld 2023 where you’ll get practical advice, hear inspiring thought leadership, and have access to in-depth training and workshops on how KM and related disciplines can provide enormous value for your organization and transform your business.

This year's conference theme, KM Joy: Thrills & Challenges of the Tech-Driven KM Journey, focuses on the innovative breakthroughs and learning experiences from KM practitioners as they steer their organizations into the future.

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November 6 - 7, 2023
JW Marriott | Washington, DC

The Leading Conference On Taxonomy Building & Management

Taxonomy Boot Camp is the world’s leading conference dedicated to exploring the successes, challenges, methodologies and products for taxonomies. Join us in DC this November to share your experiences, network with peers, and get incredible insight on taxonomies, ontologies, folksonomies, tagging mechanisms and other techniques for organizing information at this one-of-a-kind event.

Taxonomy Boot Camp is designed for everyone involved with taxonomies, from those new to the field to seasoned experts (and everyone in between). Beginner sessions cover the nuts and bolts, while more advanced sessions give experienced practitioners insight into how others have evolved their approaches. Hear case studies, how-to sessions, and practical talks on taxonomy tools and methods, and cutting-edge developments in the field.


November 7 - 9, 2023
JW Marriott | Washington, DC


Join us for three days of practical advice, thought leadership, and interaction with colleagues and peers at Enterprise Search & Discovery 2023 this November in Washington, DC. Discover how to design, build, and manage better search and discovery to help extract critical knowledge and business value from your organizational data.

As we approach the next frontier for enterprise search, the recognition of the importance of the function and its impact on the future of the enterprise and its employees cannot be downplayed. Not only do people need correct answers to their questions, they need them quickly. Newer technologies can deliver on this requirement. The new hybrid work environments result in altered workflows so that enhanced search and discovery technologies become imperative. Aligning technology with user needs and behaviors puts people at the center of search.


November 8 - 9, 2023
JW Marriott | Washington, DC

The Leading Text Analytics Conference

Join us in Washington, DC this November for Text Analytics Forum 2023—a unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore the world of text analytics.

Text Analytics has the ability to add depth, meaning, and intelligence to any organization’s most under-utilized resource—text. Through text analytics, enterprises can unlock a wealth of information that would not otherwise be available. Join us as we explore the power of text analytics to provide relevant, valuable, and actionable data for enterprises of all kinds.

Text Analytics Forum invites all who deal with text to take a deep dive into this powerful set of techniques. The Forum has something for all: whether you are new to the field and want to understand how it can add new capabilities or you are an experienced text analyst and want to see what the latest techniques and tools can add to your repertoire.


November 8 - 9, 2023
JW Marriott | Washington, DC

Unlock The Power Of AI: Transform Your Enterprise Today

Join us in Washington, DC this November for Enterprise AI World 2023—a new two-day event offering an immersive look at AI by diving into key technologies and strategies being leveraged by top enterprises today, identifying industry leaders and providing the opportunity for them to share their knowledge and ideas, examining the issues and challenges of AI, and preparing attendees to move forward with AI successfully in their organizations.

The rapid adoption of AI and machine learning technologies has caught the attention of the world and is now becoming mainstream in businesses hungry for greater automation and intelligence.