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Caylent unveils RAG knowledge base framework for rapid and comprehensive genAI implementation

Caylent, the cloud services company and AWS Premier Tier partner, is debuting the Generative AI (GenAI) Knowledge Base Catalyst, a proprietary Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) knowledge base framework, built on AWS Bedrock and powered by Anthropic’s Claude 2, that accelerates the implementation of genAI-based knowledge management.

The GenAI Knowledge Base Catalyst from Caylent is a private, proprietary resource that offers a customizable AI chatbot that ingests datasets from a wide variety of sources—from project management to productivity software and more. The solution enables organizations to rapidly implement genAI based on their unique knowledge bases, greatly simplifying KM strategies through chat-based querying.

"Drawing on Caylent's deep expertise in machine learning (ML), AI, and AWS, we've crafted a Retrieval Augmented Generation platform that transforms an organization's vast memory into a constantly evolving knowledge base,” said Randall Hunt, VP of cloud strategy and innovation at Caylent. “By harnessing both traditional and semantic generative search indexes, our platform produces sophisticated and intricate answers to natural language queries.”

GenAI Knowledge Base Catalyst’s ingestion is supported by Amazon Kendra and its built-in connectors, optimizing data indexing. Additionally, the solution offers seamless integration with AWS’ suite of AI services, on top of its flexible framework architecture, enabling users to continuously tune the Catalyst to accommodate their proprietary needs as the AI landscape evolves.

“By building our platform on Amazon Bedrock, we are able to integrate continuously, securely, and privately with best-in-class models like Anthropic's Claude V2 and its industry-leading 100k context window. Finally, our API-first approach enables tailored interfaces for each client,” Hunt continued.

"Companies naturally develop extensive internal documentation and proprietary knowledge over time, built up organically in numerous product and functional team silos,” added Mark Olson, VP of customer solutions at Caylent. “Caylent's Generative AI Knowledge Base Catalyst addresses this opportunity with a production-ready AI assistant that unifies information access while avoiding data migrations and presents a simple natural language interface that doesn't require training and frustration to adopt. The result is an AI copilot that serves as a portal to enterprise wisdom and a tireless complement to traditional mentorship efforts."

To learn more about Caylent’s GenAI Knowledge Base Catalyst, please visit https://caylent.com/.

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