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Affinity Meetings launch by Affinity minimizes meeting preparation and maximizes deal closures

Affinity, the relationship intelligence platform for dealmakers, has launched Affinity Meetings, a program built for relationship intelligence data delivery from Affinity CRM within Zoom. This allows for dealmakers to accumulate intelligence regarding their clients for meetings, improving sales odds. Among the features of the program are live access to interaction history with clients, relationship intelligence data, as well as note capture within their CRM.

“Dealmakers and their teams can be slowed or miss out on deals because of lack of meeting preparation and coordination,” said Andy Bryson, SVP of product at Affinity. “Our goal is to provide the relationship insights our clients need to close their next deal. By providing on-demand access to relationship intelligence; the history of engagement with the firms they are meeting with; and the ability to view, create, and share notes, Affinity Meetings enables dealmakers to drive their deals forward faster.”

Affinity Meetings addresses time efficiency issues regarding Zoom Meeting coordination, minimizing time for preparation, and maximizing deal closures. With virtual meetings increasing to nearly 70% in the last year, Affinity research indicates that nearly 50% of dealmakers prepare for the meeting in the moments before its start, according to the vendor. This ultimately slows dealflow and allows for more error in preparation at the cost of enterprise profit and efficiency. Affinity Meetings attempts to alleviate this issue through virtual refreshers before calls, live access to historical meeting agendas, as well as relationship context provided by previous emails and meeting notes.

Affinity Meetings is available to users with Affinity Premium and Enterprise licenses.

Affinity is conducting a webinar regarding its latest program entitled “Keep Deals on Track with Affinity Meetings,” on August 30, 2022.

For more information, please visit https://www.affinity.co/.

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