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PagerDuty invites security and productivity to hybrid environments with process automation solution

PagerDuty, Inc., the digital operations management company, is announcing the latest iteration of its PagerDuty Process Automation software, now available within its PagerDuty Operations Cloud solution. Built to streamline and automate the planned work of individuals in numerous industries across secure cloud and data center environments, the solution promises low cost and low maintenance underpinned by trustable security, all while centralizing disparately spread IT environments.

The PagerDuty Operations Cloud unites engineers in an otherwise challenging, sprawled IT environment defined by isolated clusters that fail to meet availability and compliance requirements while driving up costs, according to the company. Through operation management across cloud and data center environments, simplified security in high-compliance and zero-trust architectures, and reduced manual labor through accelerated task completion and resolution, engineers are able to manage automation and delegate execution within hybrid environments.

Now amplified with the latest iteration of PagerDuty Process Automation as a SaaS tool, users of Operations Cloud can replace manual procedures in their runbooks with automated self-service tasks, additionally shortening the time for configuration and set up. This ultimately culminates in a lower cost of maintenance and management of anything used within a specific infrastructure. 

“Automation is a core pillar underneath the operations cloud,” said Jonathan Rende, senior vice president of products at PagerDuty. “It’s all about helping organizations—and teams across those organizations, whether they be in development, IT operations, or the front office, like customer service—manage real time work and interruptions in their planned work. For any individuals in an organization, being able to automate their activities instead of having to log into a server and perform some action, or even having to push the button automated for you to take action—that can all be automated with our runbook automation.”

Incident resolution automation is another highly-emphasized component of the PagerDuty Process Automation release; after PagerDuty’s acquisition of Rundeck and its automation for incident management solution, PagerDuty Runbook Automation was further improved through customer engagement. When PagerDuty’s community of customers showcased products their organization utilized in tandem, major outages that depended on challenging, human-driven, repetitive tasks that needed remediation had surfaced.

PagerDuty Runbook Automation can invoke common IT infrastructure automation—including Ansible, Docker, and Kubernetes in remote environments—while simultaneously delivering the same expanse of automation workflows made possible by PagerDuty Process Automation. Organizations can rely on seamless automations to restore complex services that otherwise burden IT with the pressure of quick resolution, according to the company. 

Due to PagerDuty’s extensive customer engagement and examination of a variety of unique and individual enterprise infrastructures, implementation of PagerDuty Process Automation does not require upheaval of an organization’s current business model; its architecture is designed to work and integrate seamlessly into existing environments.

“Organizations have a lot of automation that they've worked on over the years with other products with homegrown solutions,” explained Rende. “What we're announcing today, it complements anything they already have and takes it to a whole new level, so there's no rip and replace that's needed. And anything new that they want to do, such as new business models, are supported from the get go.”

The myriad of benefits brought by PagerDuty Process Automation do not come unsecured for organizations running services across distributed networks and zones; with support for zero-trust, this release is rearchitected to eliminate reliance on SSH firewall rules or VPNs/jump-hosts, further ensuring security while driving automation.

“This is a leap forward—a major leap forward in how automation can be run in a modern organization and a modern enterprise, at the lowest possible cost, with the lowest possible maintenance, with the highest confidence that everything is secure,” concluded Rende.

To learn more about the release of PagerDuty Process Automation, please visit https://www.pagerduty.com/.

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