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Messagepoint empowers intelligent analytics of text-based content with Semantex

Messagepoint, provider of customer communications management software, is announcing the launch of its newest division designed for empowering developers within the sphere of content intelligence: Semantex. An AI-based content intelligence platform to confront common issues related to content management, Semantex employs natural language processing and machine learning to aid in making API calls for assessment of text-based content fragments, blocks, documents, or content corpus, according to the vendor.

“The proliferation of unstructured enterprise content over the last thirty years has created significant challenges for organizations as they try to effectively classify, manage, improve, standardize, or even migrate content,” said Steve Biancaniello, CEO of Messagepoint. “Through our robust set of APIs, developers can easily leverage and deploy powerful AI content intelligence services to extract, classify, compare, search, and analyze any amount of content required, while getting faster, more accurate, and intelligent results. This makes it possible to automate content analyses and tackle content clean-up or migration projects that were previously considered too complex, time-consuming, or costly.”

Semantex, due to its AI-based structure, poses significant savings towards resource expenditure for enterprises in the realm of content management, according to the company. Through understanding content based on its context and meaning of text, Semantex can provide intelligent capabilities such as:

  • Document parsing
  • Content identification and extraction
  • Syntactic, semantic, and cross-language text comparison
  • Sentiment and reading comprehension levels

The platform also provides development teams with options as to how and when content is analyzed. Semantex can perform singular analyses for ensuring compliance or extend its performance over time and over numerous documents with Content Hub APIs— useful for harboring multiple documents of varying formats within a sole hub application, enabling search, comparison, and analysis functions for the text-based content within the hub.

Users interested in viewing a text comparison demo, free trial, or learning more information regarding these APIs and AI capabilities, can visit https://semantex.ai/.

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