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UiPath’s Autopilot blends AI and automation for enhanced workflow productivity

UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, is debuting Autopilot—the latest AI-powered solution that blends generative AI (GenAI), specialized AI, and automation—enabling UiPath Business Automation Platform users to rapidly automate workflows using natural language.

UiPath Autopilot brings accelerated digital transformation to enterprises finding difficulty in making the transition. With just one click, organizations can transform paper documents to automation-powered applications, as well as discover and run a variety of existing automations.

The set of features accompanying Autopilot forwards UiPath’s mission: Enabling AI at work with intelligence automation solutions built with best-in-class GenAI and a library of specialized AI models. Particularly, these new capabilities arm users with crucial context that guides them in their next best action.

“Since ChatGPT launched late last year, there has been an influx of new app-specific copilots. These are immensely powerful for summarizing and creating content, and I expect we’ll continue to see every app create a copilot,” said Flo Ye, director, automation solutions at dentsu. “But there is a huge unaddressed opportunity with these GenAI-powered copilots: they enable brainstorming, but not action.”

“That’s the beauty of UiPath Autopilot; it unites the patchwork of app-specific copilots and empowers you to take action based on your specific business rules and application stacks,” Ye continued. “In other words, Autopilot works alongside humans the way that we actually work, across applications and contexts. I’m particularly excited about how Autopilot for StudioX will continue to lower the barriers to automation entry for our cohort of citizen developers at dentsu.”

For developers, UiPath introduces natural language functions to create automations, code, and expressions. From within UiPath Apps, developers can now leverage GenAI-powered experiences to generate workflows, expressions, automations, and automation-powered apps from PDFs or images.

Additionally, the introduction of Autopilot for UiPath Assistant enables users to benefit from an AI companion that can address a number of daily tasks, ultimately decreasing the amount of manual, tedious work. This feature also comes with Clipboard AI—a copy-and-paste function for pasting complex data between apps—and API and UI automation for updating line of business systems with automation.

This announcement also forwards Autopilot for Test Suite, a capability that accelerates the testing lifecycle, produces tests from requirement, and uncovers actionable insights from execution results, according to UiPath.

For business analysts, UiPath is now offering Autopilot for Process Mining, allowing these personas to use natural language to filter, summarize, and create dashboards for automation opportunities. Autopilot for Communications Mining also enables automation centers of excellence to utilize a variety of tools to surface automation opportunities via natural language prompts.

On top of these capabilities, UiPath is debuting the UiPath AI Trust Layer—a management framework engineered for data governance, user interactions, and large language models (LLMs)—which gives confidence, visibility, and governance to users as they navigate responsible management for GenAI in UiPath.

“By taking a user’s words, screenshots, or PDFs from paper documents as an input, Autopilot for Apps can create a robust automation workflow or interfaces for automations. This enables ‘one-click digital transformation’ for organizations by taking automated action,” said Graham Sheldon, chief product officer at UiPath. “UiPath can operationalize the transformative force of AI through automation, seamlessly integrating intelligence into everyday operations, automating all knowledge work, upleveling employees, and revolutionizing entire industries with AI at work. And importantly, the UiPath AI Trust Layer will allow customers to use these new AI capabilities with confidence knowing their data is secure.”

These Autopilot capabilities were announced at UiPath FORWARD VI.

To learn more about UiPath’s latest features for Autopilot, please visit https://www.uipath.com/.

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