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Version 23.3 of Armis Centrix supercharges cyber exposure intelligence and applicability

Armis, the asset intelligence cybersecurity company, is unveiling version 23.3 of the Armis Centrix platform, the cyber exposure management solution that sees, secures, protects, and manages billions of assets around the world in real time. The latest release focuses on expanding the applicability of the platform, introducing enhanced integrations for more strategic, intelligent outcomes, as well as automation and alert improvements for enhanced granularity.

The Armis Centrix platform now leverages the Armis AI Asset Intelligence Engine—the collective engine that monitors billions of assets worldwide to surface risk patterns and behaviors—to power the platform with unique, actionable cyber intelligence, according to the vendor. This injects Armis Centrix with the crucial intelligence necessary in detecting and remediating real-time threats across an enterprise’s attack surface.

“Armis works in lockstep with its customers, developing new features to our platform based on customer growth paths and the challenges they face,” said Dana Gilboa, chief product officer, Armis. “This release broadens the use cases and individual toolkits organizations can utilize through the platform as they manage their attack surface. With new techniques for asset discovery on top of existing network traffic analysis and integrations, enterprises can continue to take a proactive stance on risk and attack surface analysis.”

In addition to new integrations, the Armis Centrix Connected Medical Device Security solution sees management and monitoring advancements for users operating in the biomedical industry. The Armis Centrix OT/IoT security solution also receives expanded applicability, covering more use cases and integrating with more OT vendors.

Version 23.3 of Armis’ platform introduces a variety of UI updates, including those that increase intuitiveness—such as major dashboard and reporting enhancements—the quality of the user experience—such as dark mode support and better collectors, boundaries, network discovery, and integration management—and address SOC use cases—such as alert improvements for globally distributed teams.

These updates culminate in accelerating and automating caseloads to increase the quality of team performance, according to Armis.

To learn more about version 23.3 of Armis Centrix, please visit https://armis.com/.

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