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Guru’s Answers redefines holistic knowledge search

Guru, the AI-powered solution that gives teams a single source of truth for company knowledge, is launching its latest innovation: Answers, a generative AI capability that will allow organizations to search across their entire content ecosystem to produce information in an instant, according to the vendor.

Using language easily ingested by a range of business users paired with a list of sources from which the response was derived, Answers redefines how knowledge is discovered and consumed throughout an enterprise; when paired with other Guru features, such as Assist and Trending Topics for Slack, Answers can identify, document, and continually improve knowledge floating within an otherwise complex, disorganized content ecosystem.

“AI will change the way companies manage knowledge,” said Rick Nucci, founder and CEO of Guru. “In today’s workplace, information is siloed, files are scattered, and sources are often out of date and untrustworthy. Searching for knowledge in that type of environment is a productivity killer. But with Answers, teams can find the information they need in an instant. And when they use it in combination with Guru’s existing AI capabilities, they’ll unlock powerful new ways to manage knowledge, only recently made possible by AI.”

By searching documents, messaging tools, knowledge bases, and any application connected to Guru, Answers delivers a response to a user query. As soon as information is connected to Guru, the data is verified and enhanced over time by subject-matter experts, ensuring long-lasting, accurate knowledge generation.

The additional capabilities—Assist and Trending Topics for Slack—work in tandem with Answers to create a single source of truth for an enterprise bogged down by inaccessible knowledge. While Assist creates, refines, and summarizes content, Trending Topics for Slack scans Slack channels to pin down FAQs for usage in Answers, as well as converts conversations into reusable content, according to the vendor.

Answers’ streamlined, holistic query-response reduces the manual labor often required of a business user searching for knowledge within an enterprise. When less time is spent on searching and context-switching, more time is spent on utilizing knowledge to drive business success.

To learn more about Guru Answers, please visit https://www.getguru.com/.

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