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mondayDB 1.0’s re-engineered infrastructure dramatically improves performance speed, scalability, and flexibility

monday.com, the provider of the work operating system (Work OS), is announcing the launch of mondayDB 1.0, the next iteration of the company’s Work OS platform re-engineered with a new infrastructure. This new, foundational version provides dramatic improvements to speed and scalability, as well as extended functionality for true flexibility when constructing applications atop the platform.

Since the inception of mondayDB, the enterprise has emphasized its schema-less architecture, performance capabilities, and scalable design. mondayDB 1.0 continues to innovate in these areas, enabling organizations of any size to produce and manage complex and dynamic workflows with scale, agility, and performance in mind.

“We have always invested in improving our infrastructure to provide our customers with optimal quality, performance, and user experience,” said Daniel Lereya, chief product and technology officer at monday.com. “To address our long-term business goals and company strategy, we had to invest in a new infrastructure that would completely overhaul how we adapt to the most extensive, complex work scenarios in the market, allowing organizations of any size to build and manage workflows at scale while enjoying exceptional performance.”

The major performance improvements that mondayDB 1.0 provides allows users with data-intensive and complex workflows to reach incredible speeds across billions of loading boards, according to monday.com. mondayDB’s performance will continue to scale as an organization does, supporting both a company’s growth and expansion into complexity. These improvements are a result of a few key technologies:

  • Columnar data structure, which provides flexible and efficient access to large quantities of data
  • Lambda architecture patterns, which enable rapid pre-calculation of query results
  • Separated storage and compute layers, which allows each to scale horizontally, dynamically increasing or reducing the required transaction volume to match users’ needs

mondayDB 1.0 also highlights its ability to provide elasticity at scale, powered by its schema-less architecture. The architecture can store, retrieve, and query any data type, accommodating enterprises with unique needs and goals. This enables mondayDB 1.0 to adapt to an enterprise’s work style as they continue to add new users, data tables, and query volume.

“Many traditional data management tools have a rigid, schema-based solution. In such a solution, the schema—the structure of the data tables, their size, and the relationship between different tables—has to be defined in advance and tailored to a predefined use case and scale,” explained Lereya. “The schema-less architecture is a vital part of the mondayDB 1.0 update. The most impactful benefit for our customers is flexibility—both in existing and new use cases. With mondayDB 1.0, customers will enjoy enhanced capabilities, from dashboards that can be used for live presentations because they load so quickly, to boards that can include hundreds of thousands of leads.” 

Additionally, mondayDB 1.0 focuses on extending the monday.com open API to empower developers to build their app of choice on top of the monday.com platform. Armed with unique data analysis capabilities, developers can leverage mondayDB 1.0 to make their innovative ideas into a manageable reality.

“mondayDB opens up a new world of working,” said Lereya. “mondayDB’s redefined data infrastructure will enable organizations to achieve their business goals. It was built to allow our customers unique flexibility in scale, allowing them to grow with us. This foundational update is just the beginning for us; given our platform’s unique requirements, we needed to create the infrastructure internally and tailor it accordingly.”

“We are always committed to being at the forefront of tech. We always want to provide the broadest range of capabilities to our customers who rely on us for cutting-edge solutions and technology to manage their work best for them,” Lereya continued.

The mondayDB 1.0 infrastructure has already been successfully rolled out to over 186,000 customers. The company will continue to iterate on this offering, with mondayDB 1.1 coming later this year, and mondayDB 2.0 arriving in the first half of 2024.

To learn more about mondayDB 1.0, please visit https://monday.com/.

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