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Appfire acquires 20-plus ServiceRocket apps to accelerate organizational growth and productivity

Appfire, an enterprise collaboration software company, is announcing its recent acquisition of ServiceRocket applications, including the Connector for Salesforce and Jira and the Connector for Salesforce and Confluence. Now available from Appfire, these products demonstrate Appfire’s commitment in remaining a leading Atlassian Marketplace vendor that enhances productivity and workflow processes, according to the vendor.

In an effort to reduce context-switching for teams working with disparate tools, Appfire and ServiceRocket’s long standing partnership unifies over twenty integration products and applications, ultimately improving employee efficiency. Leveraging ServiceRocket’s unique products that improve workflows across varying tools, Appfire empowers teams to work the way they want with the tools they want, according to the vendor. Users within the Atlassian ecosystem will be able to reap these integral benefits, accompanied with the continued investment in developing and extending these products by Appfire.

“Today, teams choose their own tools and customize them to work the way they want. This can often lead to disjointed workflows and data silos across the enterprise. In order for teams to collaborate, they need to enable the flow of work across both teams and tools,” said Andy Boyd, SVP of product at Appfire. “Our acquisition of these applications effectively addresses these demands, making work flow by driving efficiency and productivity for teams working in both Atlassian and Salesforce.”

The Connector for Salesforce and Jira allows users of both platforms to sync their data between them, offering a streamlined, single source of truth with accurate, up-to-date data between the platforms. It further offers these key functionalities:

  • Integration of departmental processes while freezing data
  • Granular association configuration for a customizable user experience
  • Bidirectional data flow
  • Auto synchronization
  • Aggregated comments-complete coverage

In addition, the Connector for Salesforce and Confluence expands the workflows and functionality of Confluence, particularly with applications targeted toward document management, publishing, business intelligence, and reporting.

Appfire’s acquisition of ServiceRocket’s products illustrates the company’s commitment toempowering enterprise growth. With the continued existence of the hybrid workforce for the foreseeable future, Appfire empowers teams of all sizes to work with more unified tools that support their individual needs and use cases. The launch of Whiteboards.io, offering free cloud applications for small teams, and the extension of Appfire’s cloud migration support highlight the company’s dedication to streamlined workflows.

“At ServiceRocket, we commit to our customers, partners, and Rocketeers to be the most reliable partner in the acceleration of their growth. The heart of that commitment is our focus on Atlassian and its ecosystem," said Rob Castaneda, founder and CEO of ServiceRocket. “As Atlassian’s first partner, we built some of the platform's initial apps, leading the way to commercialization before they established their marketplace. The relationship with Appfire and the positive impact our products and service have on our shared customers’ growth demonstrates the vitality of this thriving ecosystem and our role in it.”

For more information about Appfire’s acquisition of ServiceRocket applications, please visit https://appfire.com/ or https://www.servicerocket.com/.

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