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Taking the Pain Out of Information Retrieval: One Organization’s Quest for a Unified Search Experience

Picture this: You’re looking for competitive intelligence materials on a tight deadline. To get all the required information, you must search through eight databases – separately piecing together all the different content required from each repository.

This was the challenge a knowledge management director faced at a specialty biopharmaceutical company. We’ve dubbed this the “Where’s My Stuff” conundrum. Does it sound familiar?

For this company, like many organizations, “search” represented an enormous challenge. Depending how employees accessed content, finding what they needed often required a search of multiple databases using the same terms. This regularly turned out to be an effort fraught with frustration and a time drain on productivity.

If the “Where’s My Stuff” conundrum is a challenge your organization faces, learn how this knowledge manager set out to make her organization’s search process more user-friendly.