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How Palo Alto Networks Made Documentation Integral to the Customer Journey Using XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager (Webinar Recording)

Improving the reach, velocity, and experience of your customer-facing content is critical in this digital age. But most organizations end up focusing more on marketing content, while post-sale technical documentation is often ignored, usually because these departments exist in silos and operate without a unified content strategy. In this session, Palo Alto Networks share how their company made technical documentation a central focus of the customer journey on the web by moving to structured content management and using XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager.

Hear how Palo Alto Networks achieved customer delight by:

  • Improving the customer journey by offering a consistent content experience at every touchpoint, pre- and post-sale
  • Adopting a single web platform for both marketing and technical content
  • Tripling the speed for published output
  • Serving 250% more customers through efficient content reuse