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The Modern Workplace Demands A New Approach To Knowledge Management

In today’s workplace, knowledge is key to creating a competitive advantage. While it was once easy for organizations to bring workers across the globe together to exchange knowledge and ideas and collaborate, the shift to hybrid working models has complicated this. Today, many employees work in isolation from the rest of their coworkers, making it more difficult for them to meet and build connections with their colleagues. It also makes it harder for them to reach out to others when they need help. More than ever, it’s crucial for organizations to act now to ensure that remote working does not result in knowledge silos within their organizations.

Key Findings:

    • Systems for documenting knowledge often fall short of employee expectations so staff often go straight to coworkers for information they need.

    • Many employees find open collaboration a challenge. They often don't know who they can contact to solve a problem, and even if they do, many are reluctant to reach outside of their immediate network.

    • Inaccessible knowledge leads to lost time and resources, with 63% of respondents complaining of wasted time. This also impacts the business in its employee satisfaction, continuity, and innovation.