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DITA Authoring and Publishing for Everyone

Every DITA editor performs the same core tasks you need when working with content. They show you DITA content, allow you to edit it, and support publishing to PDF and HTML using the DITA Open Toolkit. Adobe FrameMaker offers all this as well. So, what does FrameMaker offer that no other tool does?

If you have never worked with DITA or FrameMaker before, this session is for you. Industry veteran, Bernard Aschwanden shows you Adobe FrameMaker in its default environment and explains why you need FrameMaker as part of your DITA plans. He uses the “out of the box” FrameMaker templates and shows the “first-time” author experience. No special setup. No customization. No fancy configuration of third-party tools. Just create, edit, manage, publish, and customize the output in one editor. Configure and set up your workspace, use a WYSIWYG XML editor to do all your work, and even tweak templates quickly for a powerful author experience.