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Learn About These 3 Major Challenges Faced by Contact Centers Today and How to Overcome Them

It’s a daily struggle for contact centers. According to the Federal Trade Commission, 18,000 Americans have already lost a total of $13.4 million to COVID-19 related fraud. As contact centers are run by agents, who are trained to be helpful, they are especially susceptible to social engineering and are now fraudsters’ preferred vector point of attack. Behind the scenes, help desks are struggling with how to better streamline and optimize workflow. Because workforces are primarily remote, the workload has dramatically increased. It’s not just customers who need help, it’s employees. Finally, contact centers are now the virtual equivalent of a bad traffic jam. Customers get the same preamble when contacting organizations: “We are experiencing much higher call volumes as a result of inquiries relating to COVID-19. It may take you longer to get through to us, or for us to respond.”  Download now to learn more!