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Consumer Preferences for Resolving Support Issues In 2022 - Latest Yext Findings

The pandemic years caused consumers to turn to the internet in new ways, and the effects of that shift appear set to endure: relying on digital channels (and mobile in particular) has become second nature for most people.

That expectation extends to customer support. Even before the pandemic, consumers were already forming preferences for resolving their support issues, a phenomenon that has only intensified — and last year, we launched our first Yext support survey to study it. We found that customers preferred to self-serve online when they had issues or questions to raise with a business — and that companies stood to lose business when digital means of contacting support or finding answers weren’t up to par.

One year later, we wanted to take another look at consumer preferences for support and see how businesses’ offerings measure up. What’s changed — and what hasn’t? Read on to see the top 5 takeaways from our 2022 survey.