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100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management 2022

Changes in how organizations operate, provide products and services, interact with customers and partners, and support employees went into overdrive more than 2 years ago. While digital transformation was well underway, when the pandemic hit, the trend accelerated rapidly. As employees moved to work-from-home scenarios, customers shifted in greater numbers to online shopping for nearly everything, and travel plans and supply chains were upended. Innovative companies also altered their plans and sought ways to continue to grow. Although the tumultuous business climate continues to prevail, knowledge-driven organizations have been successfully seizing products and services that help them identify new opportunities, improve customer service, modernize operations, thwart fraudulent activity, make relevant information available to staff members who need it to do their jobs, and, when possible, enhance decision making with real-time or even predictive information.

How is the impact of fresh approaches being felt? Think of enterprise solutions that aim to provide Google-like search to support distributed employees by putting information at their fingertips, graph technologies that reveal previously hidden relationships, automated approaches to streamline routine processes, solutions to elevate document management and accelerate digital transformation, and much more.

Flexibility, agility, and the ability to pivot continue to be essential characteristics of winning companies. Organizations must have the right tools and products so they can break down information silos, better understand the experiences of their customers and employees, uncover trends, expand collaboration, deploy AI and machine learning appropriately, and take advantage of automation to lighten the burden of mundane, repetitive tasks.

With that understanding, KMWorld presents the 2022 KMWorld 100, a list of inventive knowledge management companies whose offerings are targeted at helping organizations expand their use of information and knowledge and accelerate their growth.

As in the past, the list features mature and trusted vendors whose products and services have been developed to address customers’ changing needs over many years, as well as newer startups with creative approaches. But whether they have stood the long test of time or are more recent entrants to the field, they all seek to provide value by helping organizations transform their information into insight.


Executives share their opinions on the state of the knowledge economy and how their solutions help customers realize their business goals.